Fauve Matisse

Fauve Matisse

Post by Denis B. Ry » Sat, 15 Oct 1994 05:41:15

Fauve can use Kai's Power tools.

Fauve Matisse

Post by John Beckwi » Sat, 15 Oct 1994 00:04:27

Can anyone share an opinion of Fauve Matisse?

I'm looking for a general do-as-much-as-possible graphics program.
I work mostly in grayscale and the matisse shareware grayscale I've
tried seems to work quite well. I need to do retouching and prepare
grayscale and line art for use in a small magazine. Playing with color is
for my own relaxation.

I only have a 386dx40 with coprosessor and 8 meg ram and wondered if that
would be enough for Photoshop 2.5 even if I could afford it. OTOH Matisse
Gray seems to run rather well.  Would the Color version do as well?

Will Matisse use any plug-in filters?  I've seen shareware ones for
Photoshop and wondered if they'd work?

I have not read much about Matisse and wondered if anyone actually uses it.

It seems like a good low-cost alternative but I can't afford to buy anymore
software that doesn't work as I'm still recovering from WP for Windows.

Any input appreciated.


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D. Houston

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