Geophysical Graphics Package?

Geophysical Graphics Package?

Post by Steve W. Pay » Sun, 08 Jan 1995 08:01:39

I work at The Center for Air Sea Technology, a not-for-profit research center
affiliated with Mississippi State University.  We at CAST have been using
Uniras for all of our graphics applications, but we are finding the cost
of the package to be too much of a burden on our clients.  Does anyone know
of a similar package that is low cost or public domain?  The package would have
to be able to handle geophyisical data such as model output, be able to write to
a window created by the calling application and callable from C.

Most of our applications are designed to be used on Sun Workstations or SGIs
Indigo2 extreme graphics workstations.

Any and all help would be appreciated
Steve W. Payne


1. Geophysical Graphics Package

I work at MSU-CAST, a not-for-profit research center at Stennis
Space Center in Mississippi.  
We are trying to switch over from the Uniras graphics package to a
public domain package that would be free or of reasonable expense.
We don't mind using Uniras but most of our customers do not have a \
Uniras licence.
The package would have to be able to handle geophysical data (ocean
modeling) and switch between projections (mercator, spherical, etc.).
The package would also need to be callable from C.  If such a thing, or
something reasonably close exists out there, would someone please send
me an e-mail.

Many, many thanks in advance,
Steve W. Payne
MSU-CAST: MSU- Center for Air Sea Technology

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