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For a European Research project I am currently looking for a simple tool
that enables me to display Boxes in 3d at real-time.
The platform is Ms-Windows and I need a DDE interface to the functions
that display, rotate, etc the boxes.

Does anybody know of a library (preferably a DLL or a Delphi Component)
that does all this?

   Thanx in advance.

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Hey, everyone. I have a problem which, after reading the FAQ, I'm
certain is a very simple problem.

I have a 2d array of integer values, say from 0-9, each of which
represents a different color. I would like to display this array
in 2d, like a political map where each color represented a country.

Anyway, I know I could do the really wasteful procedure:

        loop through i {
                loop through j {
                        draw a little box of color (array[i][j]);

but this seems.. stupid. Is there some way to describe the map instead
as a collection of sets of line segments such that each of these sets
can be passed, say, to postscript's "fill" operator?

Can anyone out there help? Thanks...


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