Modelling Software for Linux?

Modelling Software for Linux?

Post by Linh Nguy » Sun, 03 Nov 1996 04:00:00

Can anyone suggest a good modeller that is for Linux and will work
with Povray well?  Thanks!


1. Anim modelling software for Unix? (Linux)

I would like to create animations that will eventually be transferred to
VHS videocassette.  These animations will include some complex scenes
involving human figures and detailed backgrounds.

I looked in the FAQ, but I couldn't really find any software that sound
like it was adequate and compatible to my situation -- running on a 486
box under Linux.  The only animation knowledge and experience I have is
from PoV ray tracing, and my budget is severely limited to that of a
college student.  (So no $3000 for 3D Studio ;-( )

Any or pointers are greatly appreciated.  Maybe I can show you guys a
nifty movie in a couple months!

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