1992 Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics

1992 Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics

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                      CONFERENCE ANNOUNCEMENT

                1992 Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics

                     March 29 - April 1, 1992
                     Cambridge, Massachusetts


The 1992 Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics will be held 29 March-1 April,
1992 at the Royal Sonesta Hotel in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The
Advance Program for the meeting is included below.  The registration
fee is $250, which includes a copy of the Symposium Proceedings,
admission to all sessions and exhibits, the Symposium reception Sunday
night, lunches, coffee breaks and dinner Monday evening. A limited
number of student registrations are available for the reduced fee of
$100.  A block of rooms has been reserved at the Royal Sonesta Hotel at
the discounted rate of $115 per night, double occupancy.  The Royal
Sonesta has also reserved a block of double rooms at the reduced
student rate of $100 per night. To allow for maximum participation
among colleqgues, the attendance will be limited to approximately 125
registrants.  For registration information, please contact:

   MIT Conference Services
   Room 7-111
   77 Massachusetts Avenue
   Cambridge MA 02139
   (617) 253-1700

The deadline for hotel registration is February 28, so please register promptly.


                   ADVANCE PROGRAM

Sunday, 29 March 1992

   7:00 -   10:00 PM   Hosted Reception

Monday, 30 March 1992
   7:00 -   8:30 AM   Continental Breakfast

   8:30 -   10:00   Opening Session

        Opening Remarks
        David Zeltzer, Ed Catmull, Marc Levoy

        Keystone Speaker
        Andries van Dam

   10:00 -   10:20   Coffee Break

   10:20 -   12:00   Rendering Algorithms

        Management of Large Amounts of Data in Interactive Building Walkthroughs
        Thomas A. Funkhouser, Carlo H. Sequin, Seth J. Teller

        Fast Object-Precision Shadow Generation
        for Area Light Sources using BSP Trees
        Norman Chin, Steven Feiner

        Lights from Highlights and Shadows
        Pierre Poulin, Alain Fournier

        The Effect of Shadow Quality
        on the Perception of Spatial Relationships in
        Computer Generated Imagery
        Leonard Wanger

   12:00 -   1:30   Lunch

   1:30 -   3:10   Tracking

        A Demonstrated Optical Tracker with Scalable Work Area for Head-Mounted
        Display Systems
        Mark Ward, Ronald Azuma, Robert Bennett, Stefan Gottschalk, Henry Fuchs

        Interactive Viewpoint Control and Three-Dimensional Operations
        Michael McKenna

        Device Synchronization Using an Optimal Linear Filter
        Martin Friedmann, Thad Starner, Alex P. Pentland

        Manipulating the Future:  Predictor Based Feedback
        for Velocity Control in
        Virtual Environment Navigation
        Dale Chapman, Colin Ware

   3:10 -   3:30   Afternoon Coffee Break

   3:30 -   4:50   Viewpoint Control

        CINEMA:  A System for Procedural Camera Movements
        Steven M. Drucker, Tinsley A. Galyean, David Zeltzer

        Automatic Viewing Control for 3D Direct Manipulation
        Cary B. Phillips, Norman I. Badler

        Panel on Tracking and Viewpoint Control

   7:00 -         Dinner

Tuesday, 31 March 1992

   7:00 -   8:30 AM   Continental Breakfast

   8:30 -   10:00   Display Hardware

        Hardware Antialiasing of Lines and Polygons
        Walter Gish, Allen Tanner

        Interactive Volume Rendering on a Multicomputer
        Ulrich Neumann

        Real-Time Procedural Textures
        John Rhoades, Greg Turk, Andrew Bell, Andrei State, Ulrich Neumann,
        Amitabh Varshney

   10:00 -      10:30   Coffee Break

   10:30 -   12:00   Modeling

        Geometric Manipulation of Tensor Product Surfaces
        Barry Fowler

        Computer Interactive Sculpture
        Helaman Ferguson

        Designing Solid Objects Using Interactive Sketch Interpretation
        David Pugh

   12:00 -   1:30   Lunch

   1:30 -   3:00   Applications

        Interactive Graphics for Plastic Surgery:
        A Task-Level Analysis and Implementation
        Steven Pieper, Joseph Rosen, David Zeltzer

        3DM:  A Three Dimensional Modeler Using a Head-Mounted Display
        Jeff Butterworth, Andrew Davidson, Stephen Hench, Marc. T. Olano

        Volume Seedlings
        Michael F. Cohen, James Painter, Mihir Mehta, Kwan-Liu Ma

   3:00 -   3:30   Afternoon Break

   3:30 -   5:00   Virtual Environments

        NPSNET:  Hierarchical Data Structures for Real-Time Three-Dimensional
        Visual Simulation
        John S. Falby, Michael J. Zyda, David R. Pratt, Randy L. Mackey

        Networked Virtual Environments
        Brian Blau, Curtis Lisle, Michael J. Moshell

        A Framework for Dynamic Visual Applications
        Mark A. Tarlton, P. Nong Tarlton

        Panel on Applications and Virtual Environments

Wednesday, 1 April 1992

   7:00 -   8:30 AM   Continental Breakfast

   8:30 -   9:50   Constraints

        Linear Constraints for Deformable Non-Uniform B-Spline Surfaces
        George Celniker, Will Welch

        Differential Constraints
        Michael Gleicher

        Interactive Modeling Enhanced with Constraints and Physics - With      
        Applications in Molecular Modeling
        Mark C. Surles

   9:50 -   10:20   Coffee Break

   10:20 -   12:00   Interaction Techniques

        Extending Widgets in Three-Dimensional Geometry and Behavior
        Brookshire D. Conner, Scott S. Snibbe, Kenneth P. Herndon, Daniel C.
           Robbins, Robert C. Zeleznik, Andries van Dam
        Implementation of Flying, Scaling and Grabbing in Virtual Reality
        Warren Robinett, Richard Holloway

        A Comparison of Head-Tracked and Non-Head-Tracked Steering Modes in the
        Targeting of RadioTherapy Treatment Beams
        James C. Chung

        Panel on Constraints and Interaction Techniques

   12:00 -   1:30   Free

   1:30 -       3:00   Closing Session

        Interactive Manipulation and Display of Surfaces in Four Dimensions
        David Banks

        Visualizing Hyperbolic Space:  Unusual Uses of 4x4 Matrices
        Mark Phillips, Charlie Gunn

        Capstone Speaker
        Stuart Card