Help need to change Mac Icons to Windows Icons

Help need to change Mac Icons to Windows Icons

Post by Robert Owen Rai » Wed, 02 Nov 1994 13:05:20

Just like it says I need help to change Mac Icons to Windows Icons. If there
is a program that will do this let me know. My access to Mac's is limited but
I can get on if needed. I have archived hqx files some people suggested binhex
but the windose version didn't work. If you have done this please help. I have
full Access to IBM PC clone and Amiga. And limited access to Mac and Unix
station. Please don't hate me because I'm multi-platformed I have to be to fix
them all. You guys have got the best icons Please share them with us less

Thanks in advance  

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Help need to change Mac Icons to Windows Icons

Post by Peter L » Thu, 03 Nov 1994 07:37:52

I assume by "icon" you mean is the desktop icon. I did that just a few
days ago. No automatic way to do this.

You need:
Mac- any painting program that can save graphics as .bmp file (e.g.,
PC- Windows PaintBrush, IconWorks (downloaded from

copy the icon from "Get Info" and paste it to Photoshop. Save it as bmp
format. Copy the the file to a PC disk. (AccessPC, DOS Mounter, PC
Exchange reads PC disks)
On the PC side, open the file with PaintBrush, copy-and-paste it to
IconWorks. Save it as .ico file, and you can access the icon using
"browse" from "Change Icon" in properties menu.

Good luck,

Peter Liu


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