Beta Central - Beta Testers Resource

Beta Central - Beta Testers Resource

Post by Mark A. Lo » Mon, 08 Apr 1996 05:00:00

Announcing Beta Cetral - the Beta Testing Page

Beta Central is a resource for those interested in beta
testing software and online services. The site will
provide a listing of current beta tests in progress for
Windows, Macintosh and UNIX software or online services.

Individuals interested in testing software can browse through
different categories and then click on a link to the testing
companies web site.

Companies interested in announcing beta tests for their
software or services may submit information directly to
the Beta Central site.

Currently, the number of Macintosh and UNIX beta tests is
very limited so those areas of Beta Central will be
temporarily closed while we gather more submissions
(Mac and UNIX developers - please offer any submissions
when you visit our site.)

Beta Central is, of course, a free service and can accessed
by directing your web browser to:

We hope you will stop by and visit!

Mark A. Long
Beta Central


1. Private Beta Testers (public testers too)

Private Beta Testers (public testers too)

It's time to start meditating over toward the VFAQ's impending updates &
this year's current Top 10 questions about Paint Shop Pro.

With Gif Export in place for 2 versions now, transparent gif questions have
fallen off considerably & IMO no longer deserve that number one slot.

So, what is that number one question? (Of course, we'll keep the gif
info available for those earlier version users who need it.)

I'm not seeing very much that actually needs to be removed beyond
tightening up on a few pages.  However we do need to review
seriously what may be missing that definitely qualifies as a top ten
question.  (If you have seen aged info that should be pulled or updated
let's talk about that too.)

Already on the agenda...
From time to time, I've grabbed & saved some techno-answers to hairpullers
who can't qualify for the top ten most FREQUENTLY asked but will still
genuinely help a big chunk of folks who'll hit frustration walls with
compatibility or hardware tweaking issues.  (Big thanks on those solid posts
from Jackie, Helge, assorted Jasc guys & a few others here in the group.)

These questions are primarily posed to the Private & Public beta testers
whose eyes have already accessed thousands of posts about version 7.
Of course everyone is welcome to respond with their views.

What new questions & answers do you think absolutely should be included in
year's go around?  In order of importance, what are the current Top 10 PSP

Please post all comments back to this thread &
begin new threads for all other talk if it wanders
away from this very specific topic. (Extremely helpful as I am sifting
through posts & start pulling things together.)


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