Problems with a Belinea 106020 Monitor

Problems with a Belinea 106020 Monitor

Post by Iost Oliv » Tue, 16 Feb 1999 04:00:00

I bought a Belinea 106020 monitor for my new G3/300 and the problem occured
is the following:
If there is a black line (or any other colour) and beneath that there is a
bright area you see an effect in that area nearby.
On my old Apple 1705 monitor with the same preferences there aren't any
I used the warranty for the Belinea monitor and got another Belinea 106020.
The effect remains. So I think the monitor is the problem but anyway maybe
it's a problem of the combination of the monitor, the ATI graphic accelerator
and the driver.
So is there anybody who had problems with the new G3 and special monitors
which work on other machines?



1. OT: Belinea LCD monitors

Has anyone here had any experience with Belinea LCD monitors? In
particular the 10 17 15 model - I find it suspiciously cheap at ~600
euro for a 17" and was wondering whether there's any catch to the offer.

Btw, it seems to have a recommended resolution of 1280x1024, giving a
5:4 aspect ratio instead of the usual 4:3. Would that deform images?

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