Ray Tracing FTP site list, & Radiosity Bibliography

Ray Tracing FTP site list, & Radiosity Bibliography

Post by Eric Hain » Mon, 17 Sep 1990 02:31:47

Here's my latest FTP list for ray tracing related materials.  These sites also
have a large amount of material that is of interest to the graphics community
(no GIF sites, though).  Don't forget:  the netiquette of FTPing is that you
don't grab hunks of data from a site during its work hours.  I haven't checked
many of these sites lately, so let me know of any updates, new sites, etc.

I should also note that "freedom" now has the latest radiosity bibliography
available, and I should be updating the ray tracing bibliography soon.

weedeater.math.yale.edu []:  *Rayshade 3.0 ray tracer*, *color
        quantization code*, RT News, *new Utah raster toolkit*, newer FBM,

cs.uoregon.edu []:  /pub - *MTV ray tracer*, *RT News*, *RT
        bibliography*, other raytracers (including RayShade, QRT, VM_pRAY),
        SPD/NFF, OFF objects, musgrave papers, some Netlib polyhedra, Roy Hall
        book source code, Hershey fonts, old FBM.  Mark VandeWettering

hanauma.stanford.edu []: /pub/graphics/Comp.graphics - best of
        comp.graphics (very extensive), ray-tracers - DBW, MTV, QRT, and more.

freedom.graphics.cornell.edu []:  *RT News back issues, source
        code from Roy Hall's book "Illumination and Color in Computer
        Generated Imagery", SPD package, Heckbert/Haines ray tracing article
        bibliography, Muuss timing papers.  [CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE]

alfred.ccs.carleton.ca []:  /pub/dkbtrace - *DKB ray tracer*.

uunet.uu.net []:  /graphics - RT News back issues (not complete),
        other graphics related material.

life.pawl.rpi.edu []: /pub/ray - *Kyriazis stochastic Ray Tracer*.

geomag.gly.fsu.edu []:  /pub/pics/DBW.src and DBW.microray.src -
        *DBW Render source*, ray traced images.  Prem Subramanyan

xanth.cs.odu.edu []:  /amiga/dbw.zoo - DBW Render for the Amiga (zoo

munnari.oz.au []:  */pub/graphics/vort.tar.Z - CSG and algebraic
        surface ray tracer*, /pub - DBW, pbmplus.  David Hook

cs.utah.edu []: /pub - *Utah raster toolkit*.  Spencer Thomas

gatekeeper.dec.com []: /pub/DEC/off.tar.Z - *OFF objects*,
        /pub/misc/graf-bib - *graphics bibliographies (incomplete)*.  Randi

expo.lcs.mit.edu []:  contrib - *pbm.tar.Z portable bitmap
        package*, *poskbitmaptars bitmap collection*, *Raveling Img*,

venera.isi.edu []:  */pub/Img.tar.z and img.tar.z - some image
        manipulation*, /pub/images - RGB separation photos.  Paul Raveling

ftp.ee.lbl.gov []: *pbmplus.tar.Z*.

ucsd.edu []: /graphics - utah rle toolkit, pbmplus, fbm, databases,
        MTV, DBW and other ray tracers, world map, other stuff.  Not updated
        much recently.

okeeffe.berkeley.edu []:  /pub - TIFF software and pics.  Sam

curie.cs.unc.edu []:  /pub - DBW, pbmplus, /pub/graphics - vort.

irisa.fr []:  */iPSC2/VM_pRAY ray tracer*, /NFF - many non-SPD NFF

surya.waterloo.edu []: /graphics - FBM, ray tracers

vega.hut.fi []: /graphics - RTN archive, ray tracers, NFF, more

hc.dspo.gov []:  {have never connected} Images?

netlib automatic mail replier:  UUCP - research!netlib, Internet -

        line message "send index" for more info.

UUCP archive: avatar - RT News back issues.  For details, write Kory Hamzeh


Ray Tracing FTP site list, & Radiosity Bibliography

Post by Tad G » Wed, 26 Sep 1990 06:01:07

> xanth.cs.odu.edu []: /amiga/dbw.zoo - DBW Render for the Amiga (zoo

This is now located on abcfd20.larc.nasa.gov [], same
path.  Additionally, DKBTrace 2.01 for the Amiga is available from
this site in /usenet/comp.sources.amiga/volume90/applications/ and
/usenet/comp.binaries.amiga/volume90/applications/ ...



1. Ray tracing and radiosity bibliographies updated

The latest online ray tracing and radiosity bibliographies are available online
at weedeater.math.yale.edu:/incoming as RayBib.10.93.Z and RadBib.10.93.Z .
These have been updated with this year's SIGGRAPH, Graphics Interface, and
(various) Eurographics conference references, among others.  Let me know of
anything I'm missing (like your thesis).

Eric Haines

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