Third-Party GIF plug-ins?

Third-Party GIF plug-ins?

Post by David Mirs » Sun, 01 Jan 1995 04:09:54

Hi.  I own Painter 3.0 and I'm looking for a third-party plug-in that will
allow me to save in GIF format.  Is there one?  I know Photoshop comes
with one, but I'm interested in purchasing _just_ a GIF plug-in, not
Photoshop.  Any suggestions?

David Mirsky


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Can anyone recommend a good source of additional plug-ins and effects for
Paint Shop Pro 6. I received a direct mail offer for Kai's Power Tools 3.0
that stimulated my interest, even though KPT is up to v. 6.0 by now. Do
these things work with PSP 6.0? Is there a package designed for PSP 6?
Thank you.

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