Fontographer 4.1 and Mac/PC fonts

Fontographer 4.1 and Mac/PC fonts

Post by Erik Sternisc » Thu, 08 Oct 1998 04:00:00

Hi Folks,

our company releases cheat- and solutionbooks here in Germany for
various videogame consoles like Nintendo 64 or Sony Playstation. For
the reading pleasure we told our Graphics-lady to design a font with
all special keys of the controllers in it. She did it with
Fontographer 4.1 on the Mac.

The problem now is that all our *r writers are using Wintel
machines and we need the font on the Mac and on the Wintel machine. So
we asked her if she can make Truetype fonts - she said Fontographer
can but she really don't know anything about it except creating these
fonts and using these fonts on a Mac. She read her manuals and tried
it but it didn't work right.

First time some of the characters were missing in the PC font, second
time the german umlauts have been changed to symbols of the special
font (but the characters were also at the end of the table 228-255)?

How can she create a font with let say 27 special characters (code
228-255 on Mac) that can be transfomed into a True Type font that our
writers can use it to write the texts and later be converted to mac
for layout???? How???? She is just driving nuts and nobody here in our
surroundings seems to know a solution for that specific problem.

Please answer as soon as possible!

Thanks in advance!

Erik Sternischa


Fontographer 4.1 and Mac/PC fonts

Post by Joe Crawfo » Thu, 08 Oct 1998 04:00:00

> Please answer as soon as possible!

I suggest asking the newsgroup comp.fonts ... you might have better luck
over there. It sounds like a peculiar problem. I *have* Fontographer but
have used it for simple stuff only ... this is beyond me.

Can I suggest making a base font with the PS codes (arrows, X, O, square,
etc) and having *only* those characters in it? You would have 2 fonts in
your documents - but it can't be all bad?

I wish you luck with your problem...


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