anybody used WACOM PenPartner ???

anybody used WACOM PenPartner ???

Post by Brendan R. Wehru » Mon, 17 Nov 1997 04:00:00

Anybody who's tried to draw with a mouse knows how improbable the idea is.

I ahve been looking for an inexpensive tablet to

1) replace my mouse

2) draw with in simple paint programs

WACOM Pen Partners sounds like it might work, although the 4 x 5" drawing
area seems a little small.

Has anybody tried this item, and did you like it?

If so, where can I get the best price?  (it's $100 list)

Brendan Wehrung


1. Anybody using Wacom tablets??

I'm trying to use the new Wacom ArtPad in Internet. Is anybody using a Wacom ta
blet (especially the small ArtPad). When I try to use Mosaic (or any Internet t
ool going thru Winsock) I get the error "Failed DNS Lookup".

Anybody out there using a Wacom tablet and Mosaic?

I've worked with the Wacom Tech support for several hours and no solution. They
 say mine is the first such call.

Any helps, suggestions, etc would be greatly appreciated.


Terry Watkins

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