RayDream 5.0 error message "Program Error"

RayDream 5.0 error message "Program Error"

Post by g.. » Thu, 31 Aug 2000 04:00:00


I am using version 5.0 and recently began getting an error message
stating only:  Raydream "program error!"

I understand this was a problem with previous versions as well.
ANyone know how to cure this problem?

Thanks Anthony


1. RayDream 5 "Program Error"

Just installed RayDream5 as an upgrade.  Installation was
effortless.  However, absolutely _everything_ I try causes
a dialog box to appear with the message "Program Error."
There is no other text.  After the box goes away, the
program continues to run, but doesn't ever seem actually to
do anything.

Anyone? Please?

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