Micro Conversions VIDEO WIZARD graphics card with video-out, video-in, and tuner

Micro Conversions VIDEO WIZARD graphics card with video-out, video-in, and tuner

Post by Alex ka » Sun, 05 Jan 1997 04:00:00

Has anyone heard about the VIDEO WIZARD from Micro Conversions?

It has an 128-bit graphics engine with 4MB of VRAM, QT acceleration and
capture, a TV Tuner.

I want to know if the graphics acclerator sw for it is a compatible and
fast piece of software?
Does it use its own special software or can it use VideoShop from Avid for
its video capture?
Same for the TV Tuner
How does it compare with the ATI Xclaim VR card? (I don't care about the
3D features).

Does anybody have experience using it?


Micro Conversions VIDEO WIZARD graphics card with video-out, video-in, and tuner

Post by Kawaldeep Singh Grew » Mon, 06 Jan 1997 04:00:00

Does anybody know if I can buy a PCI video card that will function in
both my Mac and my PC.  I read an old Macworld article that said that
the only thing I would have to do is get the proper software for each
platform.  Can anyone confirm/deny this???  Specifically--I'm looking
at the Imagine 128 (8MB) and some of the Radius cards. and maybe the
IMS card that ships with PC's PTP.  




1. Video Wizard pci card Problems (VP-VW4M-PCI Video Wizard)

Hello, I just purchased and installed a VP-VW4M-PCI Video Wizard into my
Powermac 7200/75 and I have a few problems/concerns.

First off my system,
Powermac 7200/75 running OS 8 (quicktime version 2.5)
48 MB Ram
512K l2 Cache
No other PCI Cards
Sony Multiscan 15sf Monitor with Mac adapter

 Now, the problem. Using the provided monitor port on the VP-VW4M-PCI Video
Wizard causes my display to appear dark and "chalky". The monitor goes from
crisp sharp and good contrast to a dull muddy picture. Since the Multiscan
15sf is a PC monitor and not a Mac, it uses a converter which allows me to
custom set various settings and resoloutions. The picture appears dark and
murky on all these settings. Aside from that, everything works fine-video
capture, TV cable and UHF, video in and out. I get millions of colors
instead of my usual thousands.

If I use the built in Monitor port on my Mac instead of the wizard monitor
port, the picture is crisp, clear and bright (as usual) but I am unable to
launch Wizardware and the provided control panel "display Goodies"
indicates that I have no video card connected. Thus I am unable to capture
video, use the TV and my color choices drop from millions of colors to
thousands. Therefore it would appear the card does not work unless my
monitor is hooked up to the provided Wizard monitor port.

Now the strange part. With my monitor hooked to the wizard monitor port,
MacUser Magazine's MacBench rates my system performance as more or less the
same as before the card was installed. With increases only as high as 1%.
With the monitor connected to the built in mac monitor port, MacBench shows
increases of up to 800% in some areas with an average gain in graphics of
nearly 100 points. Much better overall performance.

So, I need some direction here. Connecting the monitor to the provided
wizard monitor port allows me to capture video, etc. but my display looks
terrible and MacBench indicates little or no gain in performance.
Connecting to the built in Mac port gives me a better looking display at
all resoloutions and gives me an indicated increase by MacBench but no
video capabilities and only thousands of colors. Any ideas?


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