Facial Animation stuff via ftp

Facial Animation stuff via ftp

Post by Foxy La » Mon, 24 Aug 1992 21:15:14

Well, after a whirlwind trip to SIGGRAPH and other places, I've
settled back in to Perth to do some work.

For people interested in * animation, there is now an annotated
bibliography (approx. 200 words each) of * animation papers in my
ftp area. I've also added a description of the format for the *
data to help anyone who had trouble getting the model together.

These new files are at:

        site:   marsh.cs.curtin.edu.au

        dir:    pub/graphics/bibliography/*_Animation
        files:  ann_biblio.ps.Z   (annotated bibliography)
                ann_biblio.txt.Z  (annotated biblio - text file)
                valerie.info    (info on data for half a face)

        ...along with other files on * aniamtion and morphing.

There is a copy of a version of Fred Parke's fascia program at:

        site:   marsh.cs.curtin.edu.au

        dir:    pub/fascia
        files:  fascia.tar.Z

Another very good site for * animation is Steve Franks site at

        site:   scslwide.sony.co.jp
        dir:    ftp2/SGI/*-Animation


This directory contains some of the * animation work being done at
the Sony Computer Science Labs.

fascia.tar.Z is a public domain version of Parke's * animation system

Face1.bib and RawBibs.tar.Z  are a small collection of BibTex bibliographies
        on * animation. (Not in good Bibtex form yet)

Face.tar.Z is a "surface layer" muscle deformation program I wrote based
        on Keith Waters muscle deformation equations. It accepts muscle
        parameter values over an INET/Unix Port and renders and deforms
        the face. (SGI GL, written in C). It can map textures onto the face
        or Gouraurd shade them.

Control.tar.Z is a Spline based control program I wrote to control the face.
        Spline "scenes" can be loaded and saved to disk.

        Middle Mouse addes/deletes a spline point (depending in mouse is pointed
                to a point)

        LEFT mouse moves a control point. Evaluate send the entire spline
                data to the renderer.

        Preview allows you to selectively evaluate the frames.

        Display Control allows scrolling of the splines.

All this work is available for research use by anyone. No profit can be made
from these programs.

Steve Franks

Sony Computer Science Labs.
Takanawa Muse Bldg.
3-14-13 Higashigotanda
Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141 Japan

Phone:: +81-3-3448-4380


Hope this helps all you * animators out there!

Valerie Hall.

Graduate student - * animation
Curtin University of Technology
Perth, Western Australia

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