Avoid 3DT, they are SCAMMERS!!!!

Avoid 3DT, they are SCAMMERS!!!!

Post by Prem Subrahmanya » Wed, 24 Jul 1996 04:00:00

> Hello Reader ;)

> I am looking for the opinions of anyone who might have
> worked for, subcontracted for, or heard of 3rd Dimension
> Technologies.  I am considering subcontracting for them,
> but have to purchase $500 in software they sell, so I would
> appreciate assurance of their honesty in saying they will
> buy the models that I make.

> Thank You Very Much,
> Jason Slavick

   avoid them like the plague.  They are a scam, rip-off artists,
con-artists, etc. etc.  I've seen numerous testimonials on this
newsgroup of folks who have bought their buggy software, only to
get no tech support to figure out how to work it, have it crash
often, finally get it enough together to make a mesh, and then,
when submitted, the folks at 3dt nitpick over details and
refuse to ever pay.  They've released one shoddy CD product as a
front to keep the scam covered up, but all the reviews of their
photomodels CD say it's pretty lame....probably made up of objects
that they nitpicked over with their "subcontractors" and refused
to pay for.

Avoid them like the plague that they are!!!

-- Prem

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    I am looking for people who may have tried to order used goods off

tried to purchase Adobe Photoshop 3.0, and need to know if there are
others out there who have had similar experiences.

    Rob has tried to sell Adobe Photoshop 3.0 (and Gallery Effects),
Office 97, a credit card machine, and a Jeep Wrangler over the
internet.  The ads for all but the Jeep have been posted to

    In order to successfully press charges, there needs to be more
than one complaint against this individual.  This would help show an
intent to steal.  I have been in touch with the police in Mr.
Horwitz's town, and this is what they told me.  

Please, if you have also been scammed by RacerRob, or if you know
somebody who has, email me.  Remove the NOSPAM from my email address
when replying.

Thank you,

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