(9 Sep 93) Computer Graphics Resource Listing : BIWEEKLY [part 1/4]

(9 Sep 93) Computer Graphics Resource Listing : BIWEEKLY [part 1/4]

Post by Nick C. Fot » Fri, 10 Sep 1993 21:24:26

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Computer Graphics Resource Listing : WEEKLY POSTING [ PART 1/4 ]
Last Change : 9 September 1993

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0. Places to find the Resource Listing

for more information.

Items Changed:

*Much* work these days (and it's very hot here, and,..... 8-) )

3. Computer graphics FTP site list, by Eric Haines
5. Ray-tracing/graphics-related mailing lists.
8. Plotting packages


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This is mainly a guide for computer graphics software.
I would suggest reading the Comp. Graphics FAQ for image analysis stuff.

It's entitled:
 (date) comp.graphics Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 John T. Grieggs <grie...@jpl-devvax.jpl.nasa.gov> is the poster of the
 official comp.graphics FAQ

I have included my comments within braces '[' and ']'.

Nikolaos Fotis


Contents of the Resource Listing

0. Places to find the Resource Listing
2. Notes
3. Computer graphics FTP site list, by Eric Haines
4. Mail servers and graphics-oriented BBSes
5. Ray-tracing/graphics-related mailing lists.
6. Scene description languages
7. Solids description formats


8. Plotting packages
9. Image analysis software - Image processing and display

10. Scene generators/geographical data/Maps/Data files
11. 3D scanners - Digitized 3D Data.
12. Background imagery/textures/datafiles
13. Introduction to rendering algorithms
   a. Ray tracing
   b. Z-buffer (depth-buffer)
   c. Others
14. Where can I find the geometric data for the:
   a. Teapot ?
   b. Space Shuttle ?
15. Image annotation software
16. Scientific visualization stuff
17. Molecular visualization stuff

18.  3D graphics editors
   a. Public domain, free and shareware systems
   b. Commercial systems
19. GIS (Geographical Information Systems software)
20. User Interface Builders   ----   (Please send me information!)

Future additions:
[Please send me updates/info!]


0. Places to find the Resource Listing

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  archie.ncu.edu.tw or telnet  (TWN)
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2. Notes
(Excerpted from the FAQ article)

Please do *not* post or mail messages saying "I can't FTP, could
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3. Computer graphics FTP site list, by Eric Haines

Computer graphics related FTP sites (and maintainers), 25/08/93
        compiled by Eric Haines, er...@eye.com
        and Nick Fotis, nfo...@theseas.ntua.gr


RayShade - a great ray tracer for workstations on up, also for PC, Mac & Amiga.
PoV - son and successor to DKB trace, written by Compuservers.
        (For more questions call Drew Wells --
        73767.1...@compuserve.com or Dave Buck -- david_b...@carleton.ca)
ART - ray tracer with a good range of surface types, part of VORT package.
DKBtrace - another good ray tracer, from all reports; PCs, Mac II,
        Amiga, UNIX, VMS (last two with X11 previewer), etc.
RTrace - Portugese ray tracer, does bicubic patches, CSG, 3D text, etc. etc.
        An MS-DOS version for use with DJGPP DOS extender (GO32) exists also,
        as a Mac port.
VIVID2 - A shareware raytracer for PCs - binary only (286/287).  Author:
        Stephen Coy (c...@ssc-vax.boeing.com).  The 386/387 (no source) version
        is available to registered users (US$50) direct from the author.
RAY4 - Steve Hollasch's 4-dimensional ray tracer - renders hyperspheres,
        hypertetrahedra, hyperplanes, and hyperparallelepipeds (there's
        a separate real-time wireframe viewer written in GL called WIRE4 ) .
MTV,QRT,DBW - yet more ray tracers, some with interesting features.

Distributed/Parallel Raytracers:

XDART - A distributed ray-tracer that runs under X11. There are server binaries
        which work only on DECstations, SPARCs, HP Snakes (7x0 series) and NeXT.
        The clients are distributed as binaries and C source.
Inetray - A network version of Rayshade 4.0.  Needs Sun RPC 4.0 or newer.
        Contact: Andreas Thurnherr (a...@ips.id.ethz.ch)
RRLib - Another distributed version of Rayshade.
        Contact: Wilfried Koch <bj...@aix370.rrz.uni-koeln.de>
prt, VM_pRAY - parallel ray tracers.

Volume renderers:

VREND - Cornell's Volume Renderer, from Kartch/Devine/Caffey/Warren (FORTRAN).

Radiosity (and diffuse lighting) renderers:

Radiance - a ray tracer w/radiosity effects, by Greg Ward.  Excellent shading
        models and physically based lighting simulation.  Unix/X based, though
        has been ported to the Amiga and the PC (386).
INDIA - An Indian radiosity package based on Radiance.
SGI_RAD - An interactive radiosity package that runs on SGI machines with a
        Spaceball. It includes a house database.
        Author: Guy Moreillon <morei...@ligsg1.epfl.ch>
RAD - a simple public-domain radiosity package in C. The solution can be run
        stand-alone on any Unix box, but the walk-through requires a SGI 4D.
        Author: Bernard Kwok <g-k...@cs.yorku.ca>
NeXTrad - yet another (minimal) radiosity package, for the NeXT computers
        (requires NeXTSTEP 3.0+)

Renderers which are not raytracers, and graphics libraries:

SIPP - Scan line z-buffer and Phong shading renderer.
        Now uses the shadow buffer algorithm.
Tcl-SIPP - a Tcl command interface to the SIPP rendering
        program. Tcl-SIPP is a set of Tcl commands used to programmed
        SIPP without having to write and compile C code.
        Commands are used to specify surfaces, objects,
        scenes and rendering options.
        It renders either in PPM format or in Utah Raster Toolkit RLE format
        or to the photo widget in the Tk-based X11 applications.

VOGLE - graphics learning environment (device portable).
VOGL - an SGI GL-like library based on VOGLE.
REND386 - A *fast* polygon renderer for Intel 386s and up. Version 2 on up.
        [ It's not photorealistic, but rather a real-time renderer]
XSHARP21 - Dr. Dobb's Journal PC renderer source code, with budget texture

Modellers, wireframe viewers:

VISION-3D - Mac modeler, can output Radiance & Rayshade files.
IRIT - A CSG solid modeler, with support for freeform surfaces.
X3D - A wireframe viewer for X11.
3DV - 3-D wireframe graphics toolkit, with C source, 3dv objects, other stuff
        Look at PC archives like wuarchive or romulus.ulowell.edu.
PV3D - a shareware front end modeler for POVRAY, still in beta test.
        French docs for now, price for registering 250 French Francs. Save
        disabled.  Some extra utilities, DXF files for the registered version.
+POVCAD - See below.
+Xmgf - A Motif based Object viewer ( public domain, with source )
+       Xmgf can read other CAD or object file formats via filters. Current
+       formats include NFF/OBJ/OFF/RAY/SLA/DXF. These filters do not cover all
+       the features avaliable but they are a start.
+       Xmgf Auto-scales images,can have the viewing parameters stored in a file
+       produce Xfig and Postscript and MIF output as well as RAYSHADE data
+       files and PGM, PBM and XBM SunRaster and GIF image outputs.
+       Contact: Paul Hoad <P.H...@ee.surrey.ac.uk>

Geometric viewers:

SALEM - A GL-based package from Dobkin et al. for exploring mathematical
GEOMVIEW - A GL-based package for looking and interactively manipulating
        3D objects, from Geometry Center at Minnesota.
+       (There are SGI and NeXT versions at least)
XYZ GeoBench -(eXperimental geometrY Zurich) is a workbench for geometric
        computation for Macintosh computers.
WIRE4 - GL wireframe previewer for Steve Hollasch's RAY4 (see above)

Data Formats and Data Sets for Ray Tracing:

SPD - a set of procedural databases for testing ray tracers.
NFF - simplistic file format used by SPD.
OFF - another file format.
P3D - a lispy file format.
TDDD - Imagine (3D modeler) format, has converters for RayShade, NFF, OFF, etc.
        Also includes a nice postscript object displayer.  Some GREAT models.
TTDDDLIB - converts to/from TDDD/TTDDD, OFF, NFF, Rayshade 4.0, Imagine,
        and vort 3d objects. Also outputs Framemaker MIF files and isometric
        views in Postscript. Registered users get a TeX PK font converter and
        a superquadric surfaces generator.
        Glenn Lewis <gle...@pcocd2.intel.com>
        [Note : TTDDDLIB is also known as T3DLIB]
CHVRTD - Chapel Hill Volume Rendering Test Datasets, includes volume sets for
        two heads, a brain, a knee, electron density maps for RNA and others.

Written Material on Rendering:

RT News - collections of articles on ray tracing.
RT bib - references to articles on ray tracing in "refer" format.
Rad bib - references to articles on radiosity (global illumination).
Speer RT bib - Rick Speer's cross-referenced RT bib, in postscript.
RT abstracts - collection by Tom Wilson of abstracts of many RT articles.
Paper bank project - various technical papers in electronic form.  Contact
        Juhana Kouhia <jk87...@cs.tut.fi>
Online Bibliography Project :
        The ACM SIGGRAPH Online Bibliography Project is a database of
        over 15,000 unique computer graphics and computational geometry
        references in BibTeX format, available to the computer graphics
        community as a research and educational resource.

        The database is located at "siggraph.org".  Users may download
        the BibTeX files via FTP and peruse them offline, or telnet to
        "siggraph.org" and log in as "biblio" and interactively search
        the database for entries of interest, by keyword.
        For the people without Internet access, there's also an e-mail
        server. Send mail to


        and in the subject or the body of the message include the message  send
        followed by the topic and subtopic you wish. A good place to start is
        with the command
             send index
        which will give you an up-to-date list of available information.

        Additions/corrections/suggestions may be directed to the admin,

Image Manipulation Libraries:

Utah Raster Toolkit - nice image manipulation tools.
PBMPLUS - a great package for image conversion and manipulation.
LIBTIFF - library for reading/writing TIFF images.
ImageMagick - X11 package for display and interactive manipulation
+       of images. Includes tools for image conversion, annotation, compositing,
+       animation, and creating montages. ImageMagick can read and write many of
+       the more popular image formats (Uses MIFF as its own format).

xv - X-based image display, manipulation, and format converter.
xloadimage, xli - displays various formats on an X11 screen.
Khoros - a huge, excellent system for image processing, with a visual
        programming interface and much much more.  Uses X windows.
FBM - another set of image manipulation tools, somewhat old now.
Img - image manipulation, displays on X11 screen, a bit old now.
xflick - Plays .FLI animation under X11
XAnim - plays any resolution FLI along with GIF's(including GIF89a animation
        extensions), DL's and Amiga IFF animations(3,5,J,l) and IFF
        pictures(including HAM,EHB and color cycling)
SDSC - SDSC Image Tools package (San Diego Supercomputing Center)
        for image manipulation and conversion
CLRpaint - A 24-bit paint program for SGI 24bit workstations and 8bit Indigos.
BIT - Another 24-bit paint program for SGI machines.
        [ Described under Subject 16 : Image annotation software ]

Libraries with code for graphics:

Graphics Gems I,II,III - code from the ever so useful books.
spline-patch.tar.Z - spline patch ray intersection routines by Sean Graves
kaleido - Computation and 3D Display of Uniform Polyhedra. Mirrored in
        wuarchive. This package computes (and displays) the metrical
        properties of 75 polyhedra. Author: Dr. Zvi Har'El,
        e-mail: r...@gauss.technion.ac.il

qhull - Source code in C for general dimension convex hull and Delaunay
        triangulation. You can view the results in 3-d and 4-d with geomview.
        Contact: Brad Barber (bar...@geom.umn.edu)

(*) means site is an "official" distributor, so is most up to date.

NORTH AMERICA (please look for things on your own continent first...):

wuarchive.wustl.edu []:  /graphics/graphics - get CONTENTS file
        for a roadmap.  /graphics/graphics/objects/TDDD - *the TTDDD objects
        and converters*, /mirrors/unix-c/graphics - Rayshade ray tracer, MTV
        ray tracer, Vort ray tracer, FBM, PBMPLUS, popi, Utah raster toolkit.
        /mirrors/msdos/graphics - DKB ray tracer, FLI RayTracker demos.
        /pub/rad.tar.Z - *SGI_RAD*, /graphics/graphics/radiosity - Radiance
        and Indian radiosity package.  /msdos/ddjmag/ddj9209.zip - version 21
        of Xsharp, with fast texture mapping.  There's lots more, including
        bibs, Graphics Gems I & II code, OFF, RTN, Radiance, NFF, SIPP, spline
        patch intersection routines, textbook errata, source code from Roy
        Hall's book "Illumination and Color in Computer Generated Imagery", etc
        graphics/graphics/packages/kaleido - *kaleido*
        George Kyriazis <kyria...@turing.cs.rpi.edu>

princeton.edu []:  /pub/Graphics (note capital "G") - *Rayshade
        4.0 ray tracer (and separate 387 executable)*, *color quantization
        code*, *SPD*, *RT News*, *Wilson's RT abstracts*, "RT bib*, *Utah
        Raster Toolkit*, newer FBM, *Graphics Gems I, II & III code*,
        /pub/graphics directory - *SALEM* and other stuff.
        Craig Kolb <c...@princeton.edu>
        [replaces weedeater.math.yale.edu]
        Because there's a trouble with princeton's incoming
        area, you can upload Rayshade-specific stuff to
        weedeater.math.yale.edu []

alfred.ccs.carleton.ca []:  /pub/dkbtrace - *DKB ray tracer*,
        /pub/pov-ray/POV-Ray1.0 - *PVRay Compuserve group ray tracer (or PoV)*.
        David Buck <david_b...@carleton.ca>

avalon.chinalake.navy.mil []:  3D objects (multiple formats),
        utilities, file format documents.
        This site was created to be a 3D object "repository" for the net.
        It's mirrored from ftp.kpc.com and wuarchive.wustl.edu .
        Francisco X DeJesus <deje...@archimedes.chinalake.navy.mil>

omicron.cs.unc.edu []:  pub/softlab/CHVRTD - Chapel Hill
        Volume Rendering Test Datasets.

ftp.mv.com []: - Official DDJ FTP repository.

barkley.berkeley.edu [] : tcl/extensions/tsipp3.0b.tar.Z -
        Mark Diekhans <ma...@grizzly.com or ma...@NeoSoft.com>

acs.cps.msu.edu []: pub/sass - *X window fonts converter into
        Rayshade 3.0 polygons*, Rayshade animation tool(s).
        Ron Sass <s...@cps.msu.edu>

hobbes.lbl.gov []: *Radiance* ray trace/radiosity package.
        Greg Ward <gjw...@lbl.gov>

geom.umn.edu [] : pub/geomview - *GEOMVIEW*
        Contact (for GEOMVIEW): softw...@geom.umn.edu
        pub/qhull.tar.Z  (Mac version : qhull.sit.hqx) - *qhull*

ftp.arc.umn.edu [] : pub/gvl.tar.Z - the latest version of Bob,
        Icol and Raz.  Source, a manual, man pages, and binaries for
        IRIX 4.0.5 are included (Bob is a real time volume renderer)
        pub/  contains also many volume datasets.
        Ken Chin-Purcell <k...@ahpcrc.umn.edu>

ftp.kpc.com [] : /pub/graphics/holl91 - Steve Hollasch's
        Thesis, /pub/graphics/ray4 - *RAY4*, /pub/graphics/wire4 - *WIRE4*.
        /pub/mirror/avalon - mirror of avalon's 3D objects repository.
        Steve Hollasch <holla...@kpc.com>

swedishchef.lerc.nasa.gov [] : programs/hollasch-4d - RAY4,
        SGI Explorer modules and Postscript manual, etc.

zamenhof.cs.rice.edu [] : pub/graphics.formats - Various electronic
        documents about many object and image formats.
        Mark Hall <f...@cs.rice.edu>
        will apparently no longer be maintaining it, see ftp.ncsa.uiuc.edu.

rascal.ics.utexas.edu []:  /misc/mac/inqueue - VISION-3D facet
        based modeller, can output RayShade and Radiance files.

ftp.ncsa.uiuc.edu [] :  misc/file.formats/graphics.formats -
        contains various image- and object-format descriptions.  Many SciVi
        tools in various directories, e.g.  SGI/Alpha-shape/Alvis-1.0.tar.Z -
        3D alpha-shape visualizer (SGI machines only),
        SGI/Polyview3.0/polyview.Z - interactive visualization and analysis of
        3D geometrical structures.
        Quincey Koziol <koz...@ncsa.uiuc.edu>

tucana.noao.edu [] : /iraf - the IRAF astronomy package

ftp.ipl.rpi.edu []:  sigma/erich - SPD images and Haines thesis
        images.  pub/images - various 24 and 8 bit image stills and sequences.
        Kevin Martin <si...@ipl.rpi.edu>

ftp.psc.edu []:  pub/p3d - p3d_2_0.tar P3D lispy scene
        language & renderers.  Joel Welling <well...@seurat.psc.edu>

ftp.ee.lbl.gov []: *pbmplus.tar.Z*, RayShade data files.
        Jef Poskanzer <j...@ace.ee.lbl.gov>

george.lbl.gov []: pub/ccs-lib/ccs.tar.Z - *CCS (Complex
        Conversion System), a standard software interface for image processing*

hanauma.stanford.edu []: /pub/graphics/Comp.graphics - best of
        comp.graphics (very extensive), ray-tracers - DBW, MTV, QRT, and more.
        Joe Dellinger <j...@hanauma.stanford.edu>

ftp.uu.net []:  /graphics - *IRIT*, RT News back issues (not
        complete), NURBS models, other graphics related material.
        /graphics/jpeg/jpegsrc.v?.tar.Z - Independent JPEG Group package for
        reading and writing JPEG files.

freebie.engin.umich.edu []:  *Utah Raster Toolkit*,
        Spencer Thomas <tho...@eecs.umich.edu>

#export.lcs.mit.edu [] : /contrib - pbmplus, *Image Magick*,
#       xloadimage, xli, xv, Img, lots more.
+       xmgf.README, xmgf.1.3.tar.Z - *Xmgf*
#       /pub/R5untarred/mit/demos/gpc - NCGA Graphics Performance
#       Characterization (GPC) Suite.

life.pawl.rpi.edu []: /pub/ray - *Kyriazis stochastic Ray Tracer*.
        George Kyriazis <kyria...@turing.cs.rpi.edu>

cs.utah.edu []: /pub - Utah raster toolkit, *NURBS databases*.
        Jamie Painter <ja...@cs.utah.edu>

gatekeeper.dec.com []:  /pub/DEC/off.tar.Z - *OFF models*,
        Also GPC Benchmark files (planned, but not checked).
        Randi Rost <r...@kpc.com>

hubcap.clemson.edu []:  /pub/amiga/incoming/imagine - stuff for the
        Amiga Imagine & Turbo Silver ray tracers.  /pub/amiga/TTDDDLIB -
        *TTDDDLIB* /pub/amiga/incoming/imagine/objects - MANY objects.
        Glenn Lewis <gle...@pcocd2.intel.com>
[ This site has closed down. Check for other places that mirrored it - nfotis ]

pprg.eece.unm.edu []:  /pub/khoros - *Khoros image processing
        package (huge, but great)*.
        Danielle Argiro <danie...@bullwinkle.unm.edu>

expo.lcs.mit.edu []:  contrib - *PBMPLUS portable bitmap package*,
        *poskbitmaptars bitmap collection*, *Raveling Img*, xloadimage.  Jef
        Poskanzer <j...@well.sf.ca.us>

venera.isi.edu []:  */pub/Img.tar.z and img.tar.z - some image
        manipulation*, /pub/images - RGB separation photos.
        Paul Raveling <ravel...@venera.isi.edu>

ucsd.edu []:  /graphics - utah rle toolkit, pbmplus, fbm,
        databases, MTV, DBW and other ray tracers, world map, other stuff.
        Not updated much recently.

castlab.engr.wisc.edu []:  /pub/x3d.2.2.tar.Z - *X3D*
        /pub/xdart.1.1.* - *XDART*
        Mark Spychalla <s...@castlab.engr.wisc.edu>

sgi.com []:  /graphics/tiff - TIFF 6.0 spec & *LIBTIFF* software
        and pics.  Also much SGI- and GL-related stuff (e.g. OpenGL manuals)
        Sam Leffler <s...@sgi.com>
        [supercedes okeeffe.berkeley.edu for the LIBTIFF stuff]

surya.waterloo.edu []: /graphics - FBM, ray tracers

ftp.sdsc.edu []: /sdscpub - *SDSC*

ftp.brl.mil []: /brl-cad - information on how to get the
        BRL CAD package & ray tracer.  /images - various test images.
        A texture library has also begun here.
        Lee A. Butler <but...@BRL.MIL>

cicero.cs.umass.edu []:  /texture_temp - 512x512 grayscale
        Brodatz textures,
        from Julien Flack <jul...@scs.leeds.ac.uk>.

karazm.math.uh.edu []:  pub/Graphics/rtabs.shar.12.90.Z - *Wilson's
        RT abstracts*, VM_pRAY.
        J. Eric Townsend <j...@karazm.math.uh.edu or j...@nas.nasa.gov>

ftp.pitt.edu []:  /users/qralston/images - 24 bit image archive
        (small).  James Ralston Crawford <qrals...@gl.pitt.edu>

ftp.tc.cornell.edu []: /pub/vis - *VREND*
         /pub/vis/Data.Explorer - IBM Data Explorer repository

sunee.waterloo.edu []: /pub/raytracers - vivid, *REND386*
        [or sunee.uwaterloo.ca]

archive.umich.edu []: /msdos/graphics - PC graphics stuff.
        /msdos/graphics/raytrace - VIVID2.

apple.apple.com []:  /pub/ArchiveVol2/prt.

research.att.com []: /netlib/graphics - *SPD package*, ~/polyhedra -
        *polyhedra databases*.  (If you don't have FTP, use the netlib
        automatic mail replier:  UUCP - research!netlib, Internet -
        net...@ornl.gov.  Send one line message "send index" for more info,
        "send haines from graphics" to get the SPD)

siggraph.org []: SIGGRAPH archive site.
        publications - *Online Bibliography Project*, Conference proceedings
        in various electronic formats (papers, panels), SIGGRAPH Video Review
        information and order forms.
        Other stuff in various directories.
        Automatic mailer is archive-ser...@siggraph.org ("send index").

ftp.cs.unc.edu []: pub/reaction_diffusion - Greg Turk's work on
        reaction-diffusion textures, X windows code (SIGGRAPH '91)

avs.ncsc.org []:  ~ftp/VolVis92 - Volume datasets from the
        Boston Workshop on Volume Visualization '92.  This site is also the
        International AVS Center.
        Terry Myerson <t...@ncsc.org>

uvacs.cs.virginia.edu []:  pub/suit/demo/{sparc,dec,etc} - SUIT
        (Simple User Interface Toolkit).  "finger s...@uvacs.cs.virginia.edu"
        to get detailed instructions.

nexus.yorku.ca []: /pub/reports/Radiosity_code.tar.Z - *RAD*
        /pub/reports/Radiosity_thesis.ps.Z - *RAD MSc. Thesis*
        [This site will be changed to ftp.yorku.ca in the near future]

ftp.u.washington.edu [] -
        ~ftp/public/virtual-worlds/veos - VEOS Virtual
        Reality and distributed applications prototyping environment
        for Unix. Veos Software Support : veos-supp...@hitl.washington.edu
        oldpublic/fly - FLY! 3D Visualization Software demo.
        That package is built for "fly-throughs" from various datasets in
        near real-time. There are binaries for many platforms.
        Multiverse - Client-server Virtual Reality system.
        Located under the public/virtual-worlds directory.
        Also, much other Virtual Reality stuff.

zug.csmil.umich.edu []: X-Xpecs 3D files (an LCD glass shutter
        for Amiga computers - great for VR stuff!)

sunsite.unc.edu []: /pub/academic/computer-science/virtual-reality -
        Final copy of the sugrfx.acs.syr.edu archive that ceased to exist.
        It contains Powerglove code, VR papers, 3D images and IRC research
        Jonathan Magid <j...@sunSITE.unc.edu>

archive.cis.ohio-state.edu []: pub/siggraph92 - Code for
        Siggraph '92 Course 23 (Procedural Modeling and Rendering Techniques)
        Dr. David S. Ebert <eb...@cis.ohio-state.edu>

lyapunov.ucsd.edu []: This machine is considered the
        repository for preprints and programs for nonlinear dynamics,
        signal processing, and related subjects  (and fractals, of course!)
        Matt Kennel <m...@inls1.ucsd.edu>

cod.nosc.mil []: /pub/grid.{ps,tex,ascii} - a short survey of
        methods to interpolate and contour bivariate data

ics.uci.edu []: /honig --- Various stereo-pair images,
        movie.c - animates a movie on an X display (8-bit and mono) with
        digital subtraction.

taurus.cs.nps.navy.mil []: pub/dabro/cyberware_demo.tar.Z - Human
        head data

pioneer.unm.edu []:  pub/texture_maps - Hans du Buf's grayscale
        test textures (aerial swatches, Brodatz textures, synthetic swatches).
        Space & planetary image repository.  Provides access to >150 CD-ROMS
        with data/images (3 on-line at a time).
        pub/info/beginner-info - here you should start browsing.
        Colby Kraybill <o...@pioneer.unm.edu>.

cs.brown.edu [] : *SRGP/SPHIGS* . For more info on SRGP/SPHIGS:
         mail -s 'software-distribution' grapht...@cs.brown.edu

pdb.pdb.bnl.gov [] has data about various organic molecules,
       bonds between the different atoms, etc.
       Atomic coordinates (and a load of other stuff) are contained in the
       "*.ent" files, but the actual atomic dimemsions seem to be missing.
       You could convert these data to PoV, rayshade, etc.

biome.bio.ns.ca [] : /pub/art - some Renoir paintings,
        Escher's pictures, etc.

ic16.ee.umanitoba.ca [] : /specmark - sample set of images from the
        `Images from the Edge' CD-ROM (images of atomic landscapes, advanced
        semiconductors, superconductors and experimental surface
        chemistry among others). Contact rus...@ee.umanitoba.ca

explorer.dgp.toronto.edu [] : pub/sgi/clrpaint - *CLRpaint*
        pub/sgi/clrview.* - CLRview, a tool that aids in visualization
        of GIS datasets in may formats like DXF, DEM, Arc/Info, etc.

ames.arc.nasa.gov []: pub/SPACE/CDROM - images from Magellan
        and Viking missions etc. Get pub/SPACE/Index first.
        pub/SPACELINK has most of the SpaceLink service data (see below)
        e-mail server available: send mail to archive-ser...@ames.arc.nasa.gov
        (or ames!archive-server) with subject:"help"
        or "send SPACE Index" (without the quotes!)
        Peter Yee <y...@ames.arc.nasa.gov>

pubinfo.jpl.nasa.gov []: images, other data, etc. from JPL
        missions. Modem access at (818)-354-1333 (no parity, 8 data bits, 1
        stop bit).
        newsd...@jplpost.jpl.nasa.gov or phone (818)-354-7170

spacelink.msfc.nasa.gov [] (passwd:guest) : space graphics
        and GIF images from NASA's planetary probes and the Hubble Telescope.
        Main function is support for teachers (you can telnet also to this
        site). Dial up access: (205)-895-0028 (300/1200/2400/9600(V.32) baud,
        8 bits, no parity, 1 stop bit).

stsci.edu [] : Hubble Space Telescope stuff (images and other
        data). Read the README first!
        Pete Reppert <repp...@stsci.edu> or Chris O'Dea <o...@stsci.edu>

charon.er.usgs.gov [] : /pub/PROJ.4.1.3.tar.Z - library of map

cs.ubc.ca []  : /ftp/pickup/spline - example images and data files
        for a Dragon head and body, a human knee, and a human finger produced
        with a local Hierarchical B-Spline modeler.

seq1.loc.gov [] : /pub/vatican.exhibit - Library of Congress'
        *HUGE* scanned images from Vatican Library's Renaissance Culture
        Exhibit which was done from January 8, 1993 through April 30, 1993.
        K.D. Ellis <k...@seq1.loc.gov>

monte.svec.uh.edu [] : /pub/bit - *BIT*

ftp.cs.rose-hulman.edu [] : pub/CS_dept/NeXtrad.tar.Z - *NeXTrad*

rtfm.mit.edu [] :  /pub/usenet/news.answers - the land of
        FAQs.  graphics and pictures directories of particular interest.
        [Also available from mail-ser...@rtfm.mit.edu by sending a mail
        message containing: help]

UUCP archive: avatar - RT News back issues.  For details, write Kory Hamzeh


nic.funet.fi []:  *pub/sci/papers - *Paper bank project,
        including Pete Shirley's entire thesis (with pics)*, *Wilson's RT
        abstracts*, pub/misc/CIA_WorldMap - CIA world data bank,
        comp.graphics.research archive, *India*, and much, much more.
        Juhana Kouhia <jk87...@cs.tut.fi>

dasun2.epfl.ch []:  Radiance. Good for European sites, but
        doesn't carry the add-ons that are available for Radiance.

isy.liu.se []:  pub/sipp/sipp-3.0.tar.Z - *SIPP* scan line z-buffer
        and Phong shading renderer.  Jonas Yngvesson <jona...@isy.liu.se>

irisa.fr []:  */iPSC2/VM_pRAY ray tracer*, SPD, /NFF - many non-SPD
        NFF format scenes, RayShade data files.  Didier Badouel
        <bado...@irisa.irisa.fr> [may have disappeared]

phoenix.oulu.fi []:  *FLI RayTracker animation files (PC VGA) -
        also big .FLIs (640*480)* *RayScene demos* [Americans:  check wuarchive
        first].  More animations to come.  Jari Kahkonen

jyu.fi []: /pub/graphics/ray-traces - many ray tracers, including
        VM_pRAY, DBW, DKB, MTV, QRT, RayShade, some RT News, NFF files.  Jari
        Toivanen <toiva...@jyu.fi>

garbo.uwasa.fi []:  Much PC stuff, etc., /pc/source/contour.f -
        FORTRAN program to contour scattered data using linear triangle-based

asterix.inescn.pt []:  pub/RTrace - *RTrace* nffutils.tar.Z (NFF
        utilities for RTrace), medical data (CAT, etc.)  converters to NFF,
        Autocad to NFF Autolisp code, AUTOCAD 11 to SCN (RTrace's language)
        converter and other goodies.  Antonio Costa (a...@asterix.inescn.pt)

sun4nl.nluug.nl []: /pub/graphics/raytrace - DBW.microray, MTV, etc

unix.hensa.ac.uk [] : misc/unix/ralcgm/ralcgm.tar.Z - CGM viewer and
        There's an e-mail server also - mail to arch...@unix.hensa.ac.uk
        with the message body "send misc/unix/ralcgm/ralcgm.tar.Z"

maeglin.mt.luth.se []:  graphics/raytracing - prt, others, ~/Doc -
        *Wilson's RT abstracts*, Vivid.

ftp.fu-berlin.de []:  /pub/unix/graphics/rayshade4.0/inputs -
        aq.tar.Z is RayShade aquarium [Americans:  check princeton.edu first).
        Heiko Schlichting <he...@math.fu-berlin.de>

maggia.ethz.ch []: pub/inetray - *Inetray* and Sun RPC 4.0 code
        Andreas Thurnherr <a...@ips.id.ethz.ch>

osgiliath.id.dth.dk []:  /pub/amiga/graphics/Radiance - *Amiga
        port of Radiance 2.0*.  Per Bojsen <boj...@ithil.id.dth.dk>

ftp.informatik.uni-oldenburg.de [] : *PoV raytracer*
        Mirrored in wuarchive, has many goods for PoV.
        pub/dkbtrace/incoming/polyray - Polyray raytracer
        pub/dkbtrace/incoming/pv3d* - *PV3D*

peipa.essex.ac.uk []: the Pilot European Image Processing
        Archive; in a directory ipa/synth or something like that, there are
        image synthesis packages.
        Adrian Clarke <al...@essex.ac.uk>

ftp.uni-kl.de []: /pub/amiga/raytracing/imagine - mirror of
        the hubcap Imagine files.

neptune.inf.ethz.ch []: XYZ - *XYZ GeoBench*
        Peter Schorn <sch...@inf.ethz.ch>

iamsun.unibe.ch []: /Graphics/graphtal* - a L-system interpreter.
        Christoph Streit <str...@iam.unibe.ch>

amiga.physik.unizh.ch []: /amiga/gfx - Graphics stuff
        for the Amiga computer.

stesis.hq.eso.org []: on-line access to a huge astronomical
        database. (login:starcat;no passwd)
        DECnet:STESIS (It's the Space Telescope European Coordination Facility)
        Benoit Pirenne <bpire...@eso.org>, phone +49 89 320 06 433


gauss.technion.ac.il []: *kaleida*


gondwana.ecr.mu.oz.au []: pub - *VORT(ART) ray tracer*, *VOGLE*,
        Wilson's ray tracing abstracts, /pub/contrib/artscenes (ART scenes from
        Italy), pub/images/haines - Haines thesis images, Graphics Gems code,
        SPD, NFF & OFF databases, NFF and OFF previewers, plus some 8- and
        24bit images and lots of other stuff.  pub/rad.tar.Z - *SGI_RAD*
        Bernie Kirby <ber...@ecr.mu.oz.au>

munnari.oz.au []:  pub/graphics/vort.tar.Z - *VORT (ART) 2.1 CSG and
        algebraic surface ray tracer*, *VOGLE*, /pub - DBW, pbmplus.  /graphics
        - room.tar.Z (ART scenes from Italy).
        David Hook <d...@munnari.oz.au>

marsh.cs.curtin.edu.au []: pub/graphics/bibliography/Facial_Animation,
        pub/graphics/bibliography/Morph, pub/graphics/bibliography/UI -
        stuff about Facial animation, Morphing and User Interfaces.
        pub/fascia - Fred Parke's fascia program.
        Valerie Hall <v...@lillee.cs.curtin.edu.au>


ccu1.auckland.ac.nz []:  ftp/mac/architec - *VISION-3D facet
        based modeller, can output RayShade files*.  Many other neat things
        for Macs.  Paul Bourke <pdbou...@ccu1.auckland.ac.nz>
[ For users outside NZ - go to wuarchive.wustl.edu, directory
  /mirrors/architec ]

scslwide.sony.co.jp []:  ftp2/SGI/Facial-Animation - Steve Franks
        site for facial animation.
        Steve Franks <ste...@csl.sony.co.jp OR ste...@cs.umr.edu>

4. Mail servers and graphics-oriented BBSes

Please check first with the FTP places above, with archie's help.
Don't overuse mail servers.

There are some troubles with wrong return addresses. Many of these
mail servers have a command like
   path a_valid_return_e-mail_address
to get a hint for sending back to you stuff.

  Send a one-line message to ftpm...@decwrl.dec.com WITHOUT a Subject: field,
  and having a line containing the word 'help'.
  You should get back a message detailing the relevant procedures you
  must follow in order to get the files you want.

  Note that the "reply" or "answer" command in your mailer will not work
  for this message or any other mail you receive from FTPMAIL.  To send
  requests to FTPMAIL, send an original mail message, not a reply.
  Complaints should be sent to the ftpmail-requ...@uucp-gw-2.pa.dec.com
  address rather than to postmaster, since DECWRL's postmaster is not
  responsible for fixing ftpmail problems.

  For BITNET sites ONLY, there's BITFTP@PUCC.
  Send a one-line 'help' message to this address for more info.

  RED - Listserv Redirector is essentially a mail server.
  The Server Sites that are available are:

  Location        EARN/BITNET          Internet
  --------------  ----------------     -------------------
  In Turkey:      TRICKLE@TREARN       TRIC...@EGE.EDU.TR
  In Denmark:     TRICKLE@DKTC11
  In Italy:       TRICKLE@IMIPOLI
  In Belgium:     TRICKLE@BANUFS11     TRIC...@UFSIA.AC.BE
  In Austria:     TRICKLE@AWIWUW11
  In Israel:      TRICKLE@TAUNIVM      TRIC...@VM.TAU.AC.IL
  In France:      TRICKLE@FRMOP11      TRIC...@FRMOP11.CNUSC.FR
  In Taiwan:      TRICKLE@TWNMOE10     TRIC...@TWNMOE10.EDU.TW

  You are  urged to use the  one that is closer  to your location.
  Send a message to one of these containing the body


  and you'll get more instructions.

Lightwave 3D mail based file-server
  A mail based file server for 3D objects, 24bit JPEG images, GIF images
  and image maps is now online for all those with Internet mail access.
  The server is the official archive site for the Lightwave 3D mail-list
  and contains many PD and Shareware graphics utilities for
  several computer platforms including Amiga, Atari, IBM and Macintosh.

  The server resides on a BBS called "The Graphics BBS".  The BBS is
  operational 24 hours a day 7 days a week at the phone number of +1
  908/469-0049.  It has upgraded its modem to a Hayes Ultra 144
  V.32bis/V.42bis, which has speeds from 300bps up to 38,400bps.

  If you would like to submit objects, scenes or images to the server,
  please pack, uuencode and then mail the files to the address:

  For information on obtaining files from the server send a mail message
  to the address file-ser...@graphics.rent.com with the following in
  the body of the message:
  And a help file describing how to use the server and a complete
  directory listing will be sent to you via mail.

[ Now it includes the Cyberware head and shouders in TTDDD format! Check it
 out, only if you can't use FTP! -- nfotis ]

  Pierre Jancene and Sabine Coquillart launched the inria-graphlib mail
  server a few months ago.

    echo help | mail inria-graph...@inria.fr

  will give you a quick summary of what inria-graphlib contains and
  how to browse among its files.

    echo send contents | mail inria-graph...@inria.fr

  will return the extended summary.

  As an other example :

    echo send cgrl from Misc | mail inria-graph...@inria.fr

  will return the Computer Graphics Resource Listing mirrored from

  There are many BBSes that store datafiles, etc.etc., but a guide to these
  is beyond the scope of this Listing (and the resources of the author!)
  If you can point to me Internet- or mail- accessible BBSes that carry
  interesting stuff, send me info!

  Studio Amiga is a 3D modelling and ray tracing specific BBS, (817) 467-3658.
  24 hours, 105 Meg online.
From Jeff Walkup <pwa...@well.sf.ca.us>:
  "The Castle" 415/355-2396 (14.4K/v.32bis/v.42/v.42bis/MNP)
  (In Pacifica, dang close to San Francisco, California, USA)
  The new-user password is: "TAO".

  [J]oin base #2; The Castle G/FX, Anim, Video, 3D S.I.G., of which
  I am the SIG-Op, "Lazerus".
  Bob Lindabury operates a BBS (see above the entry for "The Graphics BBS")
'You Can Call Me Ray' ray tracing related BBS in Chicago suburbs (708-358-5611)
 or (708-358-8721)
  Digital Pixel (Sysop: Mark Ng <m...@descartes.waterloo.edu>) is based at
  Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

  Phone : (416) 298 1487
  Storage space: 330 megs
  Modem type:  14.4k baud,16.8k (Zyxel) , v32bis ,v32, mnp 5

  Access Fee: none.. (free)
  System supported : DOS, OS/2, Amiga, Mac.  
  Netmail:     Currently no echo mail.
  Topics:      Raytracing, Fractals, Graphics programming, CAD, Any Comp.
               Graphics related  

From: David Tiberio <dtibe...@ic.sunysb.edu>

  Amiga Graphics BBS (516) 473-6351 in Long Island, New York,
  running 24 hours at 14.4k v.32bis, with 157 megs on line.
  We also subscribe to 9 mailing lists, of which 5 originate
  from our BBS, with 3 more to be added soon. These include:

  Lightwave, Imagine, Real 3D (ray tracing)

  Database files include:
  Imagine 3D objects, 3D renderings, scalable fonts, music
  modules, sound samples, demos, animations, utilities,
  text databases, and pending Lightwave 3D objects.
The Graphics Alternative

 The Graphics Alternative is in El Cerrito, CA., running 24 hours a
 day at 14.4k HST/v.32bis, with 642MB online and a 1300+ user base.
 TGA runs two nodes, node 1 (510) 524-2780 is for public access and
 includes a free 90 day trial subscription.  TGA is the West Coast
 Host for PCGnet, The Profesional CAD and Graphics Network, supporting
 nodes across the Continental U.S., Alaska, New Zealand, Australia,
 France and the UK.

 TGA's file database includes MS-DOS executables for POV, Vivid,
 RTrace, Rayshade, Polyray, and others.  TGA also has numerous
 graphics utilities, viewers, and conversion utilities.  Registered
 Vivid users can also download the latest Vivid aeta code from a
 special Vivid conference.

From: Scott Bethke <sbath...@access.digex.com>

The Intersection BBS, 410-250-7149.

  This BBS Is dedicated to supporting 3D Animators.The system is provided
  FREE OF CHARGE, and is NOT Commercialized in ANYWAY.
  Users are given FULL Access on the first call.

Features: Usenet NEWS & Internet Mail, Fidonet Echo's & Netmail,
        200 Megs online, V.32bis/V.42bis Modem.

Platforms of interest: Amiga & The VideoToaster, Macintosh, Ms-Dos,
        Unix Workstations (Sun, SGI, etc), Atari-ST.
From: Alfonso Hermida <af...@robots.gsfc.nasa.gov>:

 Pi Square BBS (301)725-9080 in Maryland. It supports raytracers such as POV
 and VIVID. The BBS runs off a 486/33Mhz, 100Megs hard drive and CD ROM.
 Now it runs on 1200-2400bps (this will change soon)

 Home of POVCAD. There are 2 versions, one for DOS graphics and the other
 one is for Windows.  This modeler is a 3D wireframe based modeler.
 The current version (for both) is 2.0a.

 Topics: graphics programming, animation,raytracing,programming (general)
From: Lynn Falkow <ROX...@delphi.com>:

  Vertech Design's GRAPHIC CONNECTION. (503) 591-8412 in Portland, Oregon.

  The BBS, aside from carrying typical BBS services like message bases
  ( all topic specific ) and files ( CAD and graphics related -- hundreds
  of megabytes ), also offers material texture files that are full color,
  seamlessly tiling, photo-realistic images.  There are samples available
  to first time callers.  The BBS is a subscription system although callers
  have 2 hours before they must subscribe, and there are several subscription
  rates available.   People interested in materials can subscribe to the
  library in addition to a basic subscription rate, and can use their
  purchased time to download whichever materials they wish.


5. Ray-tracing/graphics-related mailing lists

  Modeling and animation system for the Amiga:
  send subscription requests to Imagine-requ...@email.sp.paramax.com
  send material to Imag...@email.sp.paramax.com
  (Dave Wickard has substituted Steve Worley in the maintenance of
  the mailing list) - PLEASE note that the unisys.com address is
  NO longer valid!!!

  (for the Amiga. It's part of Newtek's Video Toaster):
  send subscription requests to lightwave-requ...@bobsbox.rent.com
  send material to lightw...@bobsbox.rent.com
  (Bob Lindabury)

  send subscription requests to  toaster-requ...@bobsbox.rent.com with
  a *body* of:
     subscribe toaster-l your.n...@your.site.domain
  send material to toas...@bobsbox.rent.com

Real 3D
  Another modeling and animation system for the Amiga:
  To subscribe, send a mail containing the body

  subscribe real3d-l <Your full name>

  to lists...@gu.uwa.edu.au

  Send material to rea...@gu.uwa.edu.au

  send subscription requests to rayshade-requ...@cs.princeton.edu
  send material to rayshade-us...@cs.princeton.edu
  (Craig Kolb)

Alladin 4D for the Amiga
  send subscription requests to subscr...@xamiga.linet.org

  and in the body of the message write

  #Alladin 4D username@domain

  Greg Ward, the author, sends to registered (via e-mail) users digests of
  his correspodence with them, notes about fixes, updates, etc.
  His address is: gjw...@lbl.gov

  send subscription requests to rend386-requ...@sunee.waterloo.edu
  send material to rend...@sunee.waterloo.edu

PoV ray / DKB raytracers
  To subscribe, send a mail containing the body

  subscribe dkb-l <Your full name>

  to lists...@trearn.bitnet

  send material to dk...@trearn.bitnet

Mailing List for Massively Parallel Rendering
  send subscription requests to mp-render-requ...@icase.edu
  send material to mp-ren...@icase.edu

IBM Data Explorer SciVi package
  send material to data-...@watson.ibm.com (??)

3D Studio
  3-D modelling/animation/rendering program from Autodesk, for 32-bit PCs
  send subscription requests to  3dstudio-requ...@bobsbox.rent.com with
  a *body* of:
     subscribe 3dstudio-l your.n...@your.site.domain
#  send material to 3dstu...@bobsbox.rent.com


6. 3D graphics editors

a. Public domain, free and shareware systems

  Mac-based program written by Paul D. Bourke (pdbou...@ccu1.aukland.ac.nz).
  The program can be used to generate models directly in the RayShade
  and Radiance file formats (polygons only).
  It's shareware and listed on the FTP list.

  A solid modeling system for most environments -- including SGI and X11.
  It has CSG and NURBS, plus support for Non-Manifold Geometry
  [Whatever it is].

  You can get it *free* via FTP by signing and returning the relevant license,
  found on ftp.brl.mil. Uses ray-tracing for engineering analyses.


  Ms. Carla Moyer
  (410)-273-7794 tel.
  (410)-272-6763 FAX
  cad-d...@brl.mil E-mail

  Snail mail:

  BRL-CAD Distribution
  SURVIAC Aberdeen Satellite Office 1003
  Old Philadelphia Road,
  Suite 103 Aberdeen
  MD  21001  USA

  A constructive solid geometry (CSG) modeling program for PC and X11.
  Includes freeform surface support. Free - see FTP list for where to
  find it.

  A solid modeling program for PC written in Turbo Pascal 6.0 by
  Ken Van Camp. Available from SIMTEL, pd1:<msdos.srfmodl> directory.

   From CMU, namely Fritz Printz and Levent Gursoz (e...@styx.edrc.cmu.edu).
   It's based on Non Manifold Topology.
   Ask them for more info, I don't know if they give it away.

  XYZ2 is an interactive 3-D editor/builder written by Dale P. Stocker to
  create objects for the SurfaceModel, Automove, and DKB raytracer packages.
  XYZ2 is free and can be found, for example, in SIMTEL20 as

  It's an MSDOS program. Check at barnacle.erc.clarkson.edu [],
  /pub/msdos/graphics/3dmod.* . Undocumented file format :-(
  3DMOD is (C) 1991 by Micah Silverman, 25 Pierrepoint Ave., Postdam,
  New York 13676, tel. 315-265-7140

  Shareware, <MSDOS.CAD>NCAD3D42.ZIP in SIMTEL20. Undocumented file format :-(

  Shareware, send $40 US (check or money order) to:

  The Art Machine, 4189 Nickolas
  Sterling Heights, MI  48310

  In addition to the now standard file formats, including Lightwave,
  Imagine, Sculpt, Turbo Silver, GEO and Wavefront, this release offers
  3D Professional and RayShade support. (Rayshade is supported only by
  the primitive "triangle", but you can easily include this output in
  your RayShade scripts)

  The latest demo, version 1.62, is available on Fred Fish #727.

  For more information, contact the author, Alex Deburie, at:

  ad99s...@sycom.mi.org, Phone: (313) 939-2513

  It's a spline based object modeller ("ICoons" = Interactive
  COONS path editor) in amiga.physik.unizh.ch (gfx/3d/ICoons1.0.lzh).
  It's free (under the GNU Licence) and requires FPU.

  The program has a look&feel which is a cross between Journeyman and
  Imagine, and it generates objects in TTDDD format.

  It is possible to load Journeyman objects into ICoons, so the program
  can be used to convert JMan objects to Imagine format.

  Author: Helge E. Rasmussen <h...@compel.dk>
  PHONE + 45 36 72 33 00, FAX   + 45 36 72 43 00

[ It's also on Fred Fish disk series n.775 - nfotis ]

ProtoCAD 3D
 Ver 1.1 from Trius (shareware?)

 It's at wsmr-simtel20.army.mil and oak.oakland.edu as PCAD3D.ZIP (for PCs)

 It has this menu layout:

         FILE       File handling (Load, Save, Import, Xport...)
         DRAW       Draw 2D objects (Line, Circle, Box...)
         3D         Draw 3D objects (Mesh, Sphere, Block...)
         EDIT       Editing features (Copy, Move ...)
         SURFACE    Modify objects (Revolve, Xtrude, Sweep...)
         IMAGE      Image zooming features (Update, Window, Half...)
         OPTION     Global defaults (Grid, Toggles, Axis...)
         PLOT       Print drawing/picture (Go, Image...)
         RENDER     Shade objects (Frame, Lighting, Tune...)
         LAYER      Layer options (Select active layer, set Colors...)

  Runs under Windows 3.1, and outputs PoV files. A demo can be found
  on wuarchive.wustl.edu in mirrors/win3/demo/demo3d.zip

  Author: Michael Gibson <gibs...@stein.u.washington.edu>

 There are 2 versions, one for DOS graphics and the other
 one is for Windows.  This modeler is a 3D wireframe based modeler.
 The current version (for both) is 2.0b.

 The package is available in Pi Square BBS (see the BBS section for location),
 TGA BBS, Compu$serve(GraphDev forum). Use Archie to find it in FTP sites.

 Author: Alfonso Hermida <af...@robots.gsfc.nasa.gov>

b. Commercial systems

  A spline-based modeling program written in University of Utah.
  Features: splines up to trimmed NURBS; support for boolean operations;
    sweeps, bending, warping, flattening etc.; groups of objects, and
    transformations; extensible object types.
  Applications include: NC machining, Animation utilities,
    Dimensioning, FEM analysis, etc.
  Rendering subsystem, with support for animations.
  Support the following platforms: HP 300 and 800's (X11R4, HP-UX 6.5),
    SGI 4D or PI machines (X11R4 and GL, IRIX 3.3.1), Sun SparcStation
    (X11R4, SunOS 4.1.1).

  Licensing and distribution is handled by EGS:
    Glenn McMinn, President
    Engineering Geometry Systems
    275 East South Temple, Suite 305
    Salt Lake City, UT  84111
    (801) 575-6021

 [ Educational pricing ]
  The charge is $675 per platform.  You may run the system on as many
  different workstations of that type as you wish.  For each platform
  there is also a $250 licensing fee for Portable Standard Lisp (PSL)
  which is bundled with the system.  You need to obtain an additional
  license from the University of Utah for PSL from the following address:
    Professor Robert Kessler
    Computer Science Department
    University of Utah
    Salt Lake City, Utah 84112

  [ EGS can handle the licensing of PSL for U.S. institutions for a
    300 $USD nominal fee -- nfotis ]


  They have an Educational Institution Program. The package is used in
  the industrial design, architectural, scientific visualization,
  educational, broadcast, imaging and post production fields.

  They'll [quoting from a letter sent to me -- nfotis ] "donate fully
  configured Vertigo 3D Graphics Software worth over $29,000USD per
  package to qualified educational institutions for licencing on any
  number of Silicon Graphics Personal IRIS or POWER Series Workstations.
  If you use an IRIS Indigo station, we will also licence our Vertigo
  Revolution Software (worth $12,000USD).

  If you are interested in participating in this program please send a
  letter by mail or fax (604/684-2108) on your institution's letterhead
  briefly outlining your potential uses for Vertigo together with the
  following information: 1. UNIX version 2. Model and number of SGI
  systems 3. Peripheral devices 4. Third Party Software.

  Participants will be asked to contribute $750USD per institution to cover
  costs of the manual, administration, and shipping.

  We recommend that Vertigo users subscribe to our technical support
  services. For an annual fee you will receive: technical assistance
  on our support hotline, bug fixes, software upgrades and manual updates.
  For educational institution we will waive the $750 administration fee
  if support is purchased.

  The annual support fee is $2,500 plus the following cost for additional

  Number of machines:           2-20            20+
  Additional cost per machine:  $700            $600 "

[ There's also a 5-day training program - nfotis]

  Vertigo Technology INC
  Suite 1010
  1030 West Georgia St.

  Phone: 604/684-2113
  Fax:   604/684-2108

[ Does anyone know of such offers from TDI, Alias, Softimage, Wavefront,
  etc.??? this would be a VERY interesting part!!  -- nfotis ]

[ Basically, it's a Solid Modeling Kernel in top of which you build your

  Available by license from
    Cornell Programmable Automation
    Cornell University
    106 Engineering and Theory Center
    Ithaca, NY 14853

  License fees are very low for educational institutions and gov't agencies.
  Internal commercial licenses and re-dissemination licenses are available.
  For an information packet, write to the above address, or send your
  address to:   mar...@cpa.tn.cornell.edu (Richard Marisa)

  From Spatial Technology. It's a Solid Modelling kernel callable from C.
  Heard that many universities got free copies from the company.
  The person to contact regarding ACIS in academic institutions is

    Scott Owens, e-mail: s...@spatial.com

  And their address is:

  Spatial Technology, Inc.
  2425 55th St., Bldg. A
  Boulder, CO 80301-5704
  Phone: (303) 449-0649, Fax: (303) 449-0926

  Basically [in my understanding], this is a FEM pre- and post-proccessor
  system. It's fairly old today, but it still serves some people in
  Mech. Eng. Depts.
  Now it's superseded from CQUEL.BYU (pronounced "sequel"). That's a
  complete modelling, animation and visualization package. Runs in the usual
  workstation environments (SUN, DEC, HP, SGI, IBM RS6000, and others)
  You can get a demo version (30-days trial period) either by sending $20
  USD in their address or a blank tape. It costs 1,500 for a full run-time


  Engineering Computer Graphics Lab
  368 Clyde Building, Brigham Young Univ.
  Provo, UT 84602
  Phone: 801-378-2812
  E-mail: cq...@byu.edu

  Soon to add stuff about it... If I get a reply to my FAX

  It's a volume renderer marketed by:
  Vaytek Inc. (Fairfield, Iowa phone: 515-472-2227) , running on PCs
  with 386+FPU at least.  Call Vaytek for more info.

  A 3D Volume renderer for Windows. Features include direct
  ray-traced volume rendering, color and alpha mapping,
  gradient lighting, animation, reflections and shadows.

  Runs on a PC(386 or higher) with at least an 8 bit video card(SVGA is fine)
  under Windows 3.x. It costs $495.


  Jaguar Software Inc.
  573 Main St., Suite 9B
  Winchester, MA 01890
  (617) 729-3659
  j...@world.std.com (john w poduska)


6. Scene description languages

  Neutral file format , by Eric Haines. Very simple, there are some
  procedural database generators in the SPD package, and many objects
  floating in various FTP sites. There's also a previewer written in
  HP Starbase from E.Haines. Also there's one written in VOGLE, so you can
  use any of the devices VOGLE can output on.
  (Check in sites carrying VOGLE, like gondwana.ecr.mu.oz.au)

  Object file format, from DEC's Randy Rost (r...@kpc.com).
[ The object archive server seems to be mothballed. In a future version,
 I'll remove the ref. to it -- nfotis ]

  Available also through their mail server. To obtain help about using this
  service, send a message with a "Subject:" line containing only the word
  "help" and a null message body to: object-archive-ser...@decwrl.dec.com.
  [For FTP places to get it, see in the relevant place]. There's an OFF
  previewer for SGI 4D machines, called off-preview in
  godzilla.cgl.rmit.oz.au . There are previewers for xview and sunview,
  also on gondwana.

It's a library of 3D objects with translators to/from OFF, NFF,
Rayshade, Imagine or vort objects.
Edited copy of the announcement follows (from Raytracing News, V4,#3):

  New Library of 3D Objects Available via FTP, by Steve Worley

  I have assembled a set of over 150 3D objects in a binary format
  called TDDD. These objects range from human figures to airplanes,
  from semi-trucks to lampposts.  These objects are all freely
  distributable, and most have READMEs that describe them.

  In order to convert these objects to a human-readable format, a file
  with the specification of TDDD is included in the directory with the
  objects. There is also a shareware system called TTDDDLIB (officially
  on hubcap.clemson.edu) that will convert (ala PBM+) to/from various
  object formats : Imagine TTDDD (extension of TDDD?), OFF, NFF,
  Rayshade 4.0, or vort. Source included for Amiga/Unix as executables
  for the Amiga. Also outputs Framemaker MIF files and isometric views
  in Postscript.

  From Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center. The P3D uses lisp with slight
  extensions to store three-dimensional models. A simple lisp
  interpreter is included with the P3D release, so there is no need to
  have access to any vendor's lisp to run this software.

  The mouse-driven user interfaces for Motif, Open Look, and Silicon
  Graphics GL, and the DrawP3D subroutine library for generating P3D
  without ever looking at the underlying Lisp.

  The P3D software currently supports nine renderers.  They are:
  Painter - Painter's Algorithm, Dore, Silicon Graphics Inc. GL language,
  Generic Phigs, Sun Phigs+, DEC Phigs+, Rayshade, ART ray tracer (from
  VORT package) and Pixar RenderMan.

  The code is available via anonymous FTP from the machines
  ftp.psc.edu, directory pub/p3d, and nic.funet.fi, directory

  Pixar's RenderMan is not free - call Pixar for details.


7. Solids description formats

a. EEC's ESPRIT project 322 CAD*I (CAD Interfaces) has developed a
  neutral file format for transfer of CAD data (curves, surfaces, and
  solid models between CAD systems and from CAD to CAA (Computer Aided
  Analysis) an CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing)

b. IGES [v. 5.1 now] tries to define a standard to tranfer solid
  models - Brep and CSG. The current standard number is ANSI Y14.26M-1987
  For documentation, you might want to contact Nancy Flower at
  NCGA Technical Services and Standards, 1-800-225-6242 ext. 325
  and the cost is $100.
  This standard is not available in electronic format.

c. PDES/STEP : This slowly emerging standard tries to encompass not only
  the geometrical information, but also for things like FEM, etc.
  The main bodies besides this standard are NIST and DARPA. You can get
  more information about PDES by sending mail to nptser...@cme.nist.gov
  and putting the line
        send index
  in the body (NOT the Subject:) area of the message.

  The people at Rutherford Appleton Lab.  are also working
  on STEP tools: they have an EXPRESS compiler and an Exchange file parser,
  both available in source form (and for free) for research purposes.
  Soon they will also have an EXPRESS-based database system.

  For the tools contact Mike Mead, Phone: +44 (0235) 44 6710 (FAX: x 5893),
  e-mail: m...@inf.rl.ac.uk or {...!}mcsun!uknet!rlinf!mm or


End of Part 1 of the Resource Listing
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