SGI O2 mediarecorder problem

SGI O2 mediarecorder problem

Post by Boaz J. Supe » Wed, 08 Oct 1997 04:00:00

When I use mediarecorder to record and play back a movie, the
program crashes with the following error message:

         GL: Error: close rn failed

and does a core dump.  This is on an SGI O2 R10000 (150 Mhz) running
IRIX 6.3.  Does anyone have any ideas on a solution or workaround?


Boaz Super


1. Mediarecorder on O2?

My boss recently bought a SGI O2 with the video option and wants me to
learn some basic video editing skills.  Not much, just enough to videotape
a couple of demos, edit them to look decent, and output them to tape.

However, I'm stumped on the simplest task- how to get video from the O2cam
to a file so I can play with it.   The man pages say that mediarecorder is
the way to go, and that capture is going to be obsolete soon and shouldn't
be used.  However, mediarecorder doesn't run on an O2- it merely dies with
a "This is an unsupported program" error.

I'm missing something obvious here.  I've looked through most of the man
pages that deal with video, and I don't see any other bundled tools, but
there must be.  Could someone point a newbie in the right direction?

Thanks in advance


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