Utah and Newell's teapots?

Utah and Newell's teapots?

Post by Adrian James Chun » Thu, 18 May 1995 04:00:00

What's the difference between Newell's teapot and the Utah teapot?
(I know that Newell's is modelled from 32 bicubic Bezier patches. Is the
Utah teapot similar?)


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1. Newell's teapot in DKBtrace?

I have DKBtrace version 2.11 running on our Apollo DN10000 and wish to trace a
few teapots.  I have the data describing the thing, but it uses Bezier patches.
I can convert the Bezier patches to heaps of smooth shaded triangles, but
calculating the vertex normals will be a bit of a #$%^&*.

I guess what I'm asking is can it be done in this version without triangles?
What sort of shapes can on get out of the QUARTIC primitive?  The body and lid
of the teapot are surfaces of rotation, and the handle and spout are two
mirror-image patches, if that's any help.

OK, so I work in a Maths Department - I'm a programmer not a Lecturer...

Thanks in advance..
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