Problems with Microtek Scanmaker II flatbed scanner

Problems with Microtek Scanmaker II flatbed scanner

Post by James E Coly » Sun, 24 Mar 1996 04:00:00

Howdy all,

I've got a Microtek Scanmaker II flatbed scanner that's giving me some
really funky problems.  The scanner works as far as the interface to
the computer.   The problem is this.  When I start scanning, the
scanner will scan once (preview or actual scan) and colors are
correct.  However on all subsequent scans the images all come out
looking like you took a gray scale scan and tinted it with a
green-white-blue horizontal blend.

I'm using the MS-PNR SCSI interface card on a 486DX4 100 running
Windows 95.  I'm using the newest version of the ScanWizard software
from Microtek's WWW site.  This problem occurs with both the "Microtek
ScanWizard" and "Microtek ScanWizard(32)" twain drivers.  I've also
tried using different software packages to initiate the scans (Corel 6
PhotoPaint, and PaintShop Pro 32) but the results are always the same.

Anybody out there got a solution for me?

Please respond via E-Mail, as I rarely have the time to hit the
newsgroups these days. (sigh...)


James Colyer


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