Bezier surfaces needed

Bezier surfaces needed

Post by Max Froument » Wed, 06 Oct 1993 03:20:43

Can anyone send me or give me the location of Bezier surface databases ?
Even simple objects would do.
Thanks for any reply.
Max Froumentin                  
Laboratoire d'Informatique      
Fondamentale de Lille - France  

1. ** Bezier Solids (out of mult. Bezier Surfaces)


    Is there a standard way of constructing Bezier solids out of multiple
Bezier surfaces.  For example, the solids I wish to model are generally
pherical or ellipsoidal in shape - is there a standard way of
constructing a solid model of it for example with 3 Bezier surfaces, one
surface wrapped around and a patch on the top and bottom to close it?

   Any references concerning Bezier solids would also be appreciated.



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