Any tool for rotating images ?

Any tool for rotating images ?

Post by Ng Chee Kheng Dav » Thu, 27 Jul 1995 04:00:00


        I would like to enquire whether there is any image viewer or editor
which could allow me to rotate images in small degrees.

        xview only allows 90 degrees rotations...

        Thanks for the help...

David Ng


1. TIFF image edit/rotate tool wanted

I have a 32MB 24-bit color TIFF image that I need to rotate 80 degrees
clockwise and convert to 8-bit grayscale.  None of the 6 tools I tried
today worked, especially the new MS PhotoDraw2000.  Other tools
I tried include: MS Photo Editor, Digital Darkroom, Freehand 7, and Wang
Imaging for Windows.

Any suggestions?

Keith Eckhardt
Placerville, CA

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