Foley/vanDam/Feiner/Hughes software --- clarification

Foley/vanDam/Feiner/Hughes software --- clarification

Post by David Skl » Sun, 26 Aug 1990 00:10:04

The UNIX/X11r4 version is available via FTP.  

in the subject line.

The PC (Turbo-C) and Macintosh (THINK C/Pascal) versions
will be available officially from Addison-Wesley in mid-October.

Beta versions for the PC and Mac, for academic adopters of the textbook,
are available now.

and place "Help" in the subject line.  You will receive a file containing
a questionnaire concerning your site's setup.  Send the completed q-nnaire


1. Foley/vanDam/Feiner/Hughes software --- clarification

I'm confused by the Copyright that appears on these sources.  You've
posted their location to the world, but the text of the headers makes it
sound like they're "owned" by Addison-Wesley and we're supposed to be
paying $$ for them unless we're a prof that has "selected" the Foley
et. al. text for our class.

Whats really going on here?  Can we install them on our machine(s)?
Can we redistribute them?  I'm not a professor (and have no ambition
to become one).

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