Jan-Feb 2002, Worlds within Worlds

Jan-Feb 2002, Worlds within Worlds

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        Regret the delay. I only checked the theme last night.

Neither neo-fascists nor neo-nazis have killed anyone. Never changed
Marxists, communists, socialists killed over 100 million.
You be the judge.
        -- The Iron Webmaster, 171


1. 2nd IRTC entry for Jan-Feb 2002

        A crosseye stereogram of the world within our world.


Disney signs sequal to Silence of the Lambs.
Working title, "Honey, I ate the Kids."
        -- The Iron Webmaster, 421

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3. **NEWSFLASH** Animation World Celebration/NATE Feb 19-20, 1998

4. Filters

5. CFP CNDS 2002 Jan 27-31 San Antonio, Tx

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7. gnuplot 3.7.2 Jan 2002 release

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10. World Builder or World Constuction Set?

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