Postscript to HPGL Converter?

Postscript to HPGL Converter?

Post by Andrew Karanicol » Thu, 27 Jan 1994 19:21:16

(2nd try. .grrr)


I have a HPGL file generated from PCAD (printed circuit board layout
progam).  I want to generate a postscript file to include in*
using psfig.  Here is what the program does:

   Warning: I8 Unknown HP-GL Command
   Warning: N Unknown HP-GL First Op Command
   Warning: IW command not implemented
   Warning: IW command not implemented

I checked the HPGL file and the stuff it is complaining about is
isolated to like 2 or 3 occurences in the HPGL file.  

Problems (in order of importance):
(1) All of the circles in the HPGL plot are missing!  Incidentally,
    the HPGL plots correctly on a HP plotter.

(2) The text from the silkscreen layer is basically in the right place
    but is offset horizontally in some places the wrong amount.

(3) The Postscript file generated has no Bounding Box (I create one
    by iterating with LateX) and come out upsidedown (180 rotate
    solves this).

I checked gopher to see if I could get a niftier version of hpgl2ps
than I have access to; no luck.

I tried different options on hpgl2ps; no luck.

Is there some program (on net or commercial) that will do what I want?
All I want is a HPGL to Postscript conversion :)

This is pretty much a one time type of request (I need this layout
postscript file)

Please note!!

I put the HPGL file on anonymous ftp: pub/top.hpgl

If you have some nifty program that "does the right thing" to solve at
least problem (1) above, could you be as kind to grab top.hpgl,
process it and put in on anonymous ftp?  The file top.hpgl is 613786
bytes.  The place to put is: incoming/

I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could solve this problem!!

Please help if you can!!

Andrew Karanicolas
MIT Microsystems Technology Laboratory


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Hi all, hi you,

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Any help appreciated.

Jean-Charles Dupin

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