Mac-World San Francisco

Mac-World San Francisco

Post by Michael Starzma » Tue, 23 Aug 1994 19:19:03

Hi out there,
does anybody know when the next SF Mac World convention takes place?
If somebody knows already please mail to me
                                thanks in advance

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1. JOB: Flash Artist, San Francisco

UBUBU, Inc ( is looking for an experimental and
creative vector artist to help us turn 3D art into vector works.

UBUBU is a San Francisco start-up developing an intuitive navigation
software that was recently noted by Jupiter Communications as one of the
three "hottest, most innovative new products that will hit the consumer
Internet scene in the next year."

A solid background in art and/or illustration is required.  Experience
with Flash and Photoshop is also required.  Basic animation skills and
3D Studio Max experience are big pluses.

Interested?  Show us what you've got.  Your portfolio will speak a
thousand words, but we'd like to see a resume, too.

This is on-site contract work in San Francisco for approximately four
weeks, potentially longer.  

To apply, please send links to your work and your resume to

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7. Academy of Art College, San Francisco, CA

8. Academy of Art College in San Francisco, CA

9. Rendering SW Eng position at Discreet, a division of Autodesk in San Francisco

10. SW Eng position at Discreet, A division of Autodesk in San Francisco

11. hiring experienced Alias animator > San Francisco

12. San Francisco SIGGRAPH Presentation of the Making of Geri’s Game