low-res image collection ?

low-res image collection ?

Post by Christian G » Fri, 15 Aug 2003 06:23:10

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Hello !

Does anybody know where I can download low-res image-collections as zip-
files (or as another archive file format)?
Ive done a google-search, but I only found high-res single images.
The collections should have at least 500-1000 pictures, because I want to
make photo mosaics.
Please apologize for my second posting with this theme, but now I know that
is not necessary to get a library especially for "masaika", because I can
convert the pictures.

Thanks a lot,

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The problem you're likely having with the Nikon Coolscan is that the focus
control is *way* too sensitive.  I've used one for years and found that the
first thing you need to do it ditch their little "focus gauge" control.  
Instead use the direct focus method where you're actually looking at a section
of the original as it is being scanned (by pressing one of the control keys
when clicking on the Focus button - it depends on the software version you
have.)  The second thing is that the final correction on the focus wheel will
be incredibly tiny - about the thickness of the index line on the wheel.  When
you hit it, you'll easily see the grain on the film - even with Kodachrome or
the new V-tec films.

Focusing these things is sort of a black art - my biggest gripe with the
product.  But when you hit it, you'll have a scan that's as good as a Photo-CD
of the same resolution.

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