FS: Radius VideoVision Studio

FS: Radius VideoVision Studio

Post by bob vay » Sun, 22 Feb 1998 04:00:00

Hey all...

  I have a NuBus version of the Radius Video Vision Studio for sale. I'm
asking $650.00
or best offer. It includes all manuals, software, boards and breakout box.

219-489-1195 after 7pm central time. I'll pay shipping to anywhere in the U.S.




1. FS Radius VideoVision Studio 2 Nubus

Radius VideoVision Studio 2.0
for Power Macs 7100/80 and 8100. Full Screen, full frame 60 Fields 30 fps
(29.97). Latest Version. Input/ Outputs  NTSC/PAL/SECAM. Comes with 2
Audio/ Video Input/output Breakout Box. Comes with Studio Software 2.5.1.
Works with System 7.5.1, Quicktime 2.0, MMT 2.0, Sound Manager 3.1 also
System 7.1 with QT 1.6.2 and Studio 2.5.1 software works well. Able to
convert from one to several Standards (NTSC-PAL, PAL-NTSC< PAL-SECAM etc).
State of the Art.

2500 obo

2. atm

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