lighting with PRman / Mtor / programming.

lighting with PRman / Mtor / programming.

Post by Jordi Cardu » Thu, 22 Jun 2000 04:00:00

I just got the new book on Renderman (advanced blablabla)

Lighting is discussed quite well from a theoric point of view, but
technically seems to lack..

Any resources on the net about lighting techniques with PRMAN / MTOR /

Stuff like realistic shadows and lighting models...

Any1 can help me here?

Also, howcan any get started technically if wants to become a lighting


1. PRMan/MTOR 324 Subdiv objects limitation?

I'm working w/ RAT5/MTOR/PRMan10 SubD on a moderately complex model.
Finished it up, and realized that if I try to render more than 324
subdivision objects at one time -- none of them will render.  Now,
it's not polys, it's the number of objects -- I did a test where I
made 324 6-poly->subD cubes in Maya, they render fine...add one more,
none of them render.  Someone on posted the same problem
very recently, but neither one of has received an answer.  He got the
same number, 324, which is pretty suspicious.

Also, if you look in the RIB file, all of the model information is it seems to be making it through MTOR.  He tried taking
those RIBs to Entropy and Air, and they worked fine.  So it seems like
the problem's with PRMan...but I can't believe a 324 object limit
would be anywhere close to useful for a studio.  Is there a setting
we're missing somewhere?


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