BMRT support for SPARC

BMRT support for SPARC

Post by Richard J. Pontefrac » Thu, 19 Apr 2001 06:46:28


The BMRT page at EXLUNA says that support for other architectures will
be provided based on user demand.  I would like to request support for
Solaris/SPARC please.  Also, a version of libribout.a and friends that
will work with the SUNPro compiler would be nice too.



1. BMRT on Sun Sparc running Linux


        Anyone out there running the Sun/Solaris BMRT binaries on Sun Sparc
running Linux ?

        Any advise or things to watch out for ? Which distribution/version of
Linux would be recommended ? What Sun sparc hardware are easier to port
to ?

        We are not targeting the DSO stuff, just basic "slc" and "rendrib".

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