Plex language in Solid/Geometrical modeling

Plex language in Solid/Geometrical modeling

Post by Amalesh Chakrabor » Wed, 06 Mar 1991 06:34:10

Hi  netters,

 Use of Plex language in pattern recognition is very well known. However,
 does anybody know of any application of Plex language in Solid/Geometrical
 modeling. Can anybody through  some light about this. Any reference to lead
 to some information will also be highly appreciated.

 thanks in advance.

 ---- amal.

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Plex language in Solid/Geometrical modeling

Post by patrick fitzho » Fri, 08 Mar 1991 06:13:30

Look at the following reference, which is the only PLEX-grammar based
modeler I have seen in the literature:

W. Lin and K. Fu, "A Syntactic Approach to 3-D Object Representation",
IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 1984
PAMI-6(3), pp. 351-365

There are a number of other formal languages that have been used for
shape representation, notably the shape grammars of Stiny (UCLA),
the algebraic and node label control graph grammars that I have
used for shape representation and enumeration, the structure
grammars of Woodbury (CMU), and various attributed grammars.

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