VIEW-Station Software Distribution

VIEW-Station Software Distribution

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      VIEW-Station Software Distribution : Tools for a
     Platform-Independent Image Processing Workstation

Canon Information Systems Research Center in Japan has  been
involved in developing UNIX workstation-based image process-
ing  software  called  "VIEW-Station"  (Vision   and   Image
Engineering  WorkStation),  and  now they have completed the
pre-release version and are looking  for  trial  sites.   In
Japan,  the  software  is already being used by more than 50
research groups.  The principal aim of  the  project  is  to
provide  a  common base for image processing applications in
order to avoid unnecessary duplication of work.

The software runs on the configurations of either a worksta-
tion  +  image processing hardware, or a standalone worksta-

The VIEW-Station software comprises:

  * V-Sugar:
     A C++ based  image  processing  programming  tool  with
     image-oriented data type facilities.

  * VSugarLib:
     A set of image processing modules. The users  can  cope
     with   different  image  processing  hardware  just  by
     replacing this library.

  * VIEW-Windows:
     A window tool for image processing based on the X  Win-
     dow  System  (X11R3  or  X11R4).   It provides a set of
     various widgets specialised for dealing with images  on

The software has been tested to run on Sun  workstations  (3
and 4) under SunOS4.0.  However, the distribution will be in
a source form so that it may be possible to  port  to  other
machines such as HP and DECstation with some effort.

In addition, they are working on further development of  the
software, e.g. they are planning to release a command inter-
preter and a visual shell on  top  of  the  above  mentioned
modules.   They  are  looking for academic partners for that

They would like the software to be used by many  people  and
distribute for a nominal charge, though agreement with Canon
Inc. will be necessary.  At the current stage, in Europe, the
distribution will be restricted only to academic sites.

As Canon Research Europe  is  representing  the  project  in
Europe,  if  interested or any queries, please e-mail to the

Please make sure to include your name and address (e-mail  &
postal). In return, we will send you more information.

Canon Research Centre Europe, 17/20 Frederick Sanger Rd.
The Surrey Research Park, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 5YD, UK.
Tel: +44 (0) 483 574325         Fax: +44 (0) 483 574360