Public Domain Hypercard?

Public Domain Hypercard?

Post by Mike Morr » Mon, 02 Jul 1990 01:35:00

Are there any public domain "hypercard" C libraries/applications available
for the PC?  By "hypercard", I am loosely referring to creating links between
textual and graphical blocks and allowing various operations on them. If this
definition is incorrect or is too limited, please advise in a professional and
relaxed manner.

    Thanks in advance :-)
Mike Morris, Strategic Locations Planning     {hpda,pyramid}!octopus!slp!mikem


1. Public domain & U.S. Government


Works produced by the U.S. Federal Government are not copyrighted.
So by law, any of their images can be used for your projects.
Does anyone know if there are CDs with these kinds of images?

Or is there some place on the Web where one can get these?

Wim Kerk

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