rotating image on screen

rotating image on screen

Post by Paul McCudd » Tue, 05 Aug 1997 04:00:00

Does anyone know any way to rotate a standard SVGA image on a monitor 90
degrees via software?  I want to have a portrait display, but portrait
monitors are difficult to find and expensive.  Is there any way via software
to rotate the entire screen?  Please reply via e-mail.  Thanks in advance.

Paul McCudden
Los Angeles, CA



1. Rotating the image blurs the image

I've wanted to rotate a few images lately (Image>Rotate) but the image
becomes noticeably less sharp after the rotation.

One of the current Challenge photos, ep-12 (restaurant), is a good
example. I had wanted to rotate it as part of my repair so that the
chimney was vertical. But the image was just too unsharpened after the
rotation to use it.

For comparison I've rotated the same image in Photoshop by the same
amount (I think I used 2 degrees) and there was no change in

Is this a shortcoming in PSP or is there some trick to using Rotate?

Thanks, Ember

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