SIGGRAPH Slides and Videos (92 lines)

SIGGRAPH Slides and Videos (92 lines)

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[Note:  This posting is in response to a question in  The
information below is fairly accurate, but it will be verified and a second
posting will follow in a month or so.  Subsequently, a copy of this will be
posted 2-3 times per year to as a general service to the
computer graphics community.]

                Ordering ACM SIGGRAPH Publications

Orders for all SIGGRAPH publications are handled through ACM
(Association for Computing Machinery, Inc.) not by SIGGRAPH
directly.  Publications that are currently stocked for sale
through ACM include the following.

o    Proceedings for SIGGRAPH annual conferences (usually the
     last five years or so are in stock, proceedings are not
     reprinted after copies are sold out because of the high cost
     of reprinting  -- the initial print run is about 20,000
     copies with 5,000 or more being for subsequent sale).
     Copies of each year's proceedings are sent to all members of
     ACM SIGGRAPH after the conference, usually arriving

     Approximate cost to members: $30.00 per copy.

o    Proceedings of most SIGGRAPH sponsored or co-sponsored
     conferences, symposia, and workshops (the symposium on
     computational geometry, the workshops and symposia on user
     interfaces, the symposia on document processing, and others)
     subject to availability.

     Approximate cost to members: $20.00 per copy.

o    SIGGRAPH Video Reviews in 1/2" VHS and 3/4" U-matic format
     are kept in stock permanently (copies are restocked on a
     regular basis).  Some issues are available in PAL format
     (but not SECAM).

     Approximate cost to members: $50.00 per copy (a few special
     issues cost substantially more because of production costs).

o    SIGGRAPH slide sets (technical slides, art show slides, and
     exhibitor slides from various years plus any special slide
     sets issued by SIGGRAPH).

     Approximate cost to members: $50.00 per copy.

Other SIGGRAPH publications and materials are offered from time
to time.  Complete information on availability, prices, and
ordering procedures is available in the ACM Publications Catalog,
which is updated annually.  (Prices quoted above are approximate
and are for not intended to be accurate.  Prices for non-members
are higher than for members following ACM policies.)

Some SIGGRAPH publications are not sold, for various reasons,
primarily because the costs outweigh the anticipated benefits.
This includes many materials distributed at the annual
conferences such as course notes, art show catalogs, film & video
show catalogs, and exhibitor information contained in the final
program.  Some or all of these may be sold in future years, but
none are available at this time except at the annual conferences.

(The one exception to this is that full sets of course notes are
available to educational institutions and SIGGRAPH local groups
at special discount prices if ordered prior to the conference.
These sales are handled separately from all others.  Details are
available from the SIGGRAPH education committee and the SIGGRAPH
local groups steering committee.)

Copies of the ACM Publications Catalog may be obtained by
contacting ACM directly.

                       11 West 42nd Street
                      New York, N.Y.  10036
                          (212) 869-7440

Orders for all SIGGRAPH and other ACM publications should be sent
(prepaid) to the following address.

                       ACM Order Department
                          P.O. Box 64145
                       Baltimore, MD 21264

Major credit cards are accepted.  There is a handling charge for
all orders.  Proof of membership must be provided to obtain
member prices.  Consult the ACM Publications Catalog for complete
details before ordering.

                         January 15, 1989


1. *** Siggraph 92 Slide Sets ***

        Greetings Siggraphers!

        The deadline for the Siggraph '92 Slide Sets is less than
        a week away (Wednesday, 18 March!)  

        Since I've had many calls from those of you in the throes
        of image production, I would like to remind you that:

                * 5 copies of your 35mm-image (including stero-pairs)
                  are to be submitted

                * You may photo copy the submission form (or
                  e-mail me for an electronic copy)

                  Forms are also obtainable via anonymous ftp from
                  in the directory:
                  under "slidesets"

                * You MUST submit to me a copy of the submission
                  form with an ORIGINAL signature (since this is
                  a release form to Siggraph, copies will not do)
                  I recommend signing in "blue" ink.

        I eagerly encourage your participation in this conference
        activity this year!  I will do all I can to help you submit
        your entries, so please contact me if you have questions.

        Best of luck and we'll see you in Chicago!
        John Fujii

        John Fujii
        SIGGRAPH '92 Slide Sets Chair
        Hewlett-Packard Company
        3404 East Harmony Road
        Fort Collins, CO  80525-9599  USA
        (303) 229-6842
        (303) 229-6649 fax

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