Drivers for a GOULD FD5000

Drivers for a GOULD FD5000

Post by mu.. » Tue, 02 Jan 1990 17:20:00

   We have a GOULD FD5000 image processing system that came
with some software (MiniLIPS) which runs under VMS.  We would
like to use some specialized software designed for our
applications (anatomical analysis), however the package was
written for UNIX and would be a major job to transport it
to VMS.  Is anyone using a GOULD FD5000 with UNIX that
would be willing to let us copy/buy the UNIX device drivers
for the GOULD.  




Dear Net:

I would LOVE to find the source for a BSD driver for the Gould/DeAnza
FD5000 graphics box.  The company supports (?) only the VMS environment,
and we would like to move to UNIX.  We have the programmed I/O option that
connects the FD5000 to the Q-bus in our microVAX.  Any leads/pointers/help
GREATLY appreciated.

Paul Leondis



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