entropy/bmrt/mayaman support glows

entropy/bmrt/mayaman support glows

Post by med » Tue, 06 Nov 2001 04:00:27

how can "glows" be applied using bmrt/entropy or mayaman?

1. mayaman + entropy problem

I've just downloaded and installed Mayaman evaluation (Maya 4). I have a
problem with Entropy. When I launch a render, Entropy says it can't find
shaders, some procedures, lights, shadows, and a lot of error messages
appear. The result is I can render but only with the defaul shader (gray) !
I have tried to change the entropyhome variable in Mayaman, and I set the
"shaders" variable in windows environment, but nothing to do.

I create a sphere and a directional light, and start render (with entropy):

unknown function isindirectray
compiling mms_lambert1
errors encountered no code generated
cannot load requestes shader mms_lambert1

Anyone can help, please ?

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