3 new contour plugin filters

3 new contour plugin filters

Post by Tim List » Thu, 23 Sep 1999 04:00:00

i've just added 3 new plugin filters, to contour images by Hue,
Saturation and Brightness at

you set the number of contour levels (and in the case of Brightness, a
Brightness Subrange as well) and away you go!

these filters only work on the Alpha channel, so you'll have to do
something like:

        - Selections | Select All
        - Selections | Promote to Layer
        - Plug-in Filters | ECWS Contour | Contour Brightness
        - Edit | Copy
        - Edit | Paste | as New Image
        - Layers | Merge | Flatten All

... to get a Black&White contour image.

there are some other good uses tho', such as keeping the lines over
the source image, giving a "cartoon" type effect, changing the Black
lines to colour, even using Black as the invisible colour for a web
page, where the picture will seem to be cut into pieces.

if you have other ideas for filters, mention them and if they sound
interesting, i'll play with them, in my copious spare-time (not!).


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