New Release of FBM: GIF output, IFF input

New Release of FBM: GIF output, IFF input

Post by Michael L. Mauld » Sat, 03 Feb 1990 00:23:00

The newest release of the Fuzzy Pixmap Library, FBM 0.84, is now
available for anonymous FTP:

        Host:  (
        User:           anonymous

        Directory:      /usr/mlm/ftp/
        File:           fbm08.tar.Z
        Transfer type:  image

Don't forget to specify 'image' before you 'get' the file.

This version fixes several bugs, and includes new support for writing
GIF files and reading Amiga IFF format interleaved bitmaps (ILBMs).

I have received numerous requests for "slight additions" to the
package, and I must reiterate: this project is on my back burner.
If you send me working code that reads or writes a particular format,
I'll add it to my package.  I will not generate code by request.

I will also mail the source to UUCP sites that can give me a valid path
from the INTERNET.  You must assume the responsibility for assuring
that the transfer does not upset any sites along the way.

Thanks to David Rowley for GIF output and Jerry Morrison and Steve Shaw
of Electronic Arts for IFF input.
Michael L. Mauldin (Fuzzy)              School of Computer Science

Phone: (412) 268-3065                   Pittsburgh, PA  15213-3890


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