Contour tracing by piecewise linear approx.

Contour tracing by piecewise linear approx.

Post by Niel M. Bornste » Fri, 08 Feb 1991 10:05:16


Has anyone implemented the algorithm for contour
tracing that was described in the October 1990
issue of ACM Transactions on Graphics (pg. 389-423)?

This appears to be what I need to trace the intersections
of a surface in R3 with spheres of varying radii. My
only problem is that, after a couple of readings, I don't
seem to be sharp enough to catch on. If anyone has implemented
this (any language) I would really appreciate it if you
could share some code fragments or maybe clarify the
method for me. I'm adequate with my geometry and programming
but I'm no rocket scientist (tm) when it comes to math
in general.

Also any ideas on solving this problem in other
ways would be welcome.

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