Please help: Slides >> jpeg

Please help: Slides >> jpeg

Post by Thomas LaPoint » Thu, 05 Sep 1996 04:00:00

> Greetings,

> I've worked with scanners and Photoshop, but overall, I'm still a bit
> of a novice, and I was wondering if someone could suggest me the most
> likely/hassle-free way of scanning slides into jpegs or gifs, either
> through a service, or with a modest hardware investment. Are there any
> scanners out there that will do slides at an acceptable quality and
> don't cost too much?

> Much appreciated,

> Ching.
> Thanks,

> Ching.

A good slide scanner will run at least $1,000.  Best bet is to call
around to both service bureaus AND photo processing shops and hope for a
volume discount.  Good luck, and expect to pay $5-$10 per slide.

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