VTK and Win NT/98 OpenGL problems

VTK and Win NT/98 OpenGL problems

Post by Franz Marin » Thu, 21 Oct 1999 04:00:00

Hi all,

  I've got a little problem with VTK under Win NT and Win 98.
  I've written a little tcl script that reads DTED Level 0 elevation
maps and then visualize them. The problem is that while under Win NT
(with no hw acceleration) it all goes really well (i.e. the rendering
is really appealing, you can see lot of shadows and the contours are
very well defined), under '98 (with a Riva TNT and asus drivers) the
image seem to be quite "undefined", the contours seem to disappear, the
colors seem to be very saturated and with abrupt changes.

  What I like to know is, does anyone noticed something similiar before
? Any idea on how to obtain good images under '98 ?



* Franz Marini
* SysAdm and Software Analyst/programmer at
* Dep. of Physics, University of Milan, Italy

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Not knowing what kind of graphics card you have, I would say Windows 98 is
your best choice since there are more graphics card choices. Also I have heard
it is difficult to get USB working under Windows-NT.

The 256MB memory limit is a fairy-tale. I have 400MB of memory on my PC and
frequently work with images so large, all of the memory is used. One problem
you may run in to on older PC motherboards is the inability of the built in
cache memory (speeds reads and writes to the CPU) to cache reads of memory
addresses above 64MB. This can cause PC's performance will slow down when
large amounts of data are moved through the CPU at once -- such as resampling
an image, or applying an effect to a very large image. Since you have a PII
you are most likely not affected. See;

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