Recommend SVGA card (Re: Which Video Card?)

Recommend SVGA card (Re: Which Video Card?)

Post by Brendan Jon » Thu, 06 Jan 1994 07:03:18

>I have recently made the move to OS/2 and I am thinking about upgrading my
>video card to increase the speed.  However, I am not that familiar with what
>video cards are considered the best for OS/2 and/or Windows video performance.
>If some people could tell me the cards they have tried, and if they helped or
>not, I would be very grateful.  (By the way, I use a Diamond Speedstar with
>an et4000 chip at the present time).

How much memory do you have?  It seems to me memory makes more of a difference
than anything else...  I'm considering a SVGA card for the colours rather
than speed... My standard VGA system runs fine with OS/2.  Anyway...

I'm in a similar position, except that I use planar VGA on my PS/2.
Does anyone have a program or driver that disables the planar VGA
and enables a SVGA card?  (I think this is possible with two pokes
to memory; I helped a guy with the research some time back but
never found out if it actually worked).

Ok; and what is a hot card, not just for OS/2, but for DOS/Windows
too?  I'm looking for something that can do 256 colours upto good
resolutions and hopefully even 24 bit true colour.  Since my
Windows already flies on my bare bones VGA 386sx/20 I don't see
the need for a windows accelerator.  I've a standard PC AT bus
(lets get that straight; only high end PS/2s are microchannel),
so I can't use local bus stuff.

Finally; I want something cheap.  Cheaper the better!

Any recommendations?



Recommend SVGA card (Re: Which Video Card?)

Post by Jeremy Esla » Fri, 07 Jan 1994 21:39:39

I also used to run a Diamond Speedstar (very unreliable drivers,
I found).  I have now upgraded to a Hercules Graphite Pro (on
a 486/66 with 20MB).  Speed is definitely improved.  But a word
of warning to anyone thinking of spending the money on a 24-bit
card - can your monitor do it justice.  It may look fine when
displaying a full-range bitmap, but colour accuracy on solid
colours (e.g. using Pantone colours in Corel, etc) is likely
to be very poor unless you have a mega-bucks monitor.  Even
with a 24-bit card, I cannot rely on the screen representation
of any Pantone colour - I have to check it with a Pantone swatch

And yes - spend your money on getting up to at least 16MB RAM
(for Windows) before you spend extra on a fancy card.


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