Problem with conversion of Quicktime .mov file to .avi

Problem with conversion of Quicktime .mov file to .avi

Post by Dick Napol » Sun, 31 Dec 2000 23:20:08

        Does anyone know why I can export a movie file captured with "Thousands
of Colors" to avi format with same color depth (to encode on a PC) and
the sound remains in synch with the video but if I try to export with
"Millions of Colors) to avi with "Millions of Colors) the sound and
video lose synch?  All captures  and exports made with non-compressed
video and sound.  The .mov file with "Millions" does remain in synch.  I
thought it might have been a matter of not enough physical ram but I
just upgraded from 64 meg to 160 megs and that didn't change the synch
problem.  The Mac is a 233mhz iMac rev B.

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Hello multimedia and graphics gurus,

I'm looking for a utility program that can convert MS .AVI file to Apple
Quicktime .MOV file.  Any info on shareware or commercial packages, or
similar products on platforms other than the Intel, would be appreciated.

Please email me your response.

Thank you.


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