Need graph plotting program for UNIX -- not gnuplot or graph

Need graph plotting program for UNIX -- not gnuplot or graph

Post by John Antyp » Tue, 25 Jul 1995 04:00:00

Subject says it all.  I need a multi-series graph plotting program that
runs under X11.  Gnuplot or graph would be OK except for the fact that
they either (a) don't handle labels well or (b) handle only one series.

What I'd like is something that processes multiple series and produces
graphs similar to what comes out of Excel.

Any ideas for packages or software I can purchase?

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1. Help needed on Gnuplot - plotting several graphs on one page

To: Gnuplot users

I would appreciate some help on using Latex with Gnuplot.
I have been using the Latex driver for Gnuplot for a few years.
Although the plots are prepared using
one plot per file, it is often difficult to include e.g.
three plots (each can contain 2-3 curves or data sets) on one
page (TEx memory exceeded!).  This is somewhat frustrating, as Latex is
really the medium to use for scientific communication.

1) The EEPIC driver appears to be able to overcome
   this problem (significantly?).  Could you kindly send me the driver
   along with some intro on usage?
   Can Emtex286 or Emtex386 cope with this without trouble?

2) I can get by the above problem by 'setting terminal postscript' to
   produce eps files that are then included in a Latex document,
   using the \special commands.  But how do you produce Greek letters
   to label a graph using Gnuplot with "set terminal postscript"?
   Is there a tutorial manual similar to "Latex and the Gnuplot plotting
   program" by David Kotz?

3) Finally, some of the Latex files produced by the Gnuplot 3.2 Latex driver
   does not seem to be compatible with Latex2E under the PCTex environment.
   i.e. some of the commands like \tenrm are not recognisable by
   Latex2E.  Any comments?

Thanks for your assistance.

Joseph Hun-wei Lee
Department of Civil and Structural Engineering
University of Hong Kong
Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong

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