Collision detection w/Inventor

Collision detection w/Inventor

Post by Bruce Tenna » Wed, 08 Jun 1994 06:24:14

I've got a question pertaining to overlap detection in the 3D space
environment of Inventor/OpenInventor.  I was curious if there are any
examples of overlap or collision methods out there or any built in features
of inventor that would allow easy detection of.  I noticed on the
system that there's a demo in GL that does elsticity and such with a box
bouncing into walls.  Would it be possible to get the source code for that
demo?  I ordered the games demo/source cd offered for inventor a few weeks
back(yet to recieve it though) and am hoping it has some examples of this.  I
guess what I want to know is there any built in features that will determine
if a vertext lies within an object and such.

Also, this may have been answered previously, but I may have missed it.  Has
the OpeInventor Toolkit(not the Mentor book) been released yet?  Last I knew,
which was before I was put on this project(I should say last check) it wasn't
out yet.

If anyone can point me to any souce examples or such for overlap/collision
detection I'd greatly appreciate it.

EMail would be greatly appreciated as I don't get time to check the newsreader
as often as I'd like.

Bruce Tennant


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