Tiff 5.0 (Re: GIF viewers are inconsistent)

Tiff 5.0 (Re: GIF viewers are inconsistent)

Post by youm.. » Sat, 02 Jun 1990 20:17:00

Tiff 5.0 includes the following color Tags:
320 Color Map --  Defines the RGB color map for palatte color images.
262 PhotometricInterpretation
              --  New modes to handle Palette color and Greyscale

To get a Tiff Developer's ToolKit send $30 (includes postage) to
Aldus Corporation
411 First Avenue South
Suite 220
Seattle, WA 98104              Or Call (206) 622 - 5500 for info

I've ordered one, but it hasn't come in yet.


1. GIF viewers are inconsistent

I created a GIF output file using the program FRACTINT.  I then displayed
that file using different GIF viewers, VGIF, VUGIF, SHWGIF, and FASTGIF.
All showed DIFFERENT colors.  I thought the color pallette was a part of
the GIF format.  Can someone explain why different programs show the same
GIF file in different colors?  Is something defective in the file?

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