AMIGA driver for HP 540 Deskjet

AMIGA driver for HP 540 Deskjet

Post by Julian Co » Tue, 18 Oct 1994 06:42:42

Hey folks, I need to get a driver for my new Deskjet 540. Where can I pick
a copy of the driver up?


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1. Need HP DeskJet 880s term driver....


I use gnuplot 3.5 for HP Deskjet 880s. But the term types current gnuplot
has is only support up HP Deskjet 500c. I used "set term hpdj" and "set term
hp500c" for my DeskJet 880, but the graphs produced unter thses terms is not
good, it has some miss placed lines(The same graph on screen looks great). I
am new user for Gnuplot and I need some help on this. If you know how to
modify current code or know someone has already did the modification, can
you let me know?

-Jim Nie

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