QT movies work on NT but not SGI

QT movies work on NT but not SGI

Post by Bharve » Sun, 04 Oct 1998 04:00:00

I just purchased a CD of stock video backgrounds.  They are in D1 resolution
and Quicktime 3.0.
They work great on NT and on my Mac, but won't open on my O2.
I tried converting them through DMConvert, MediaConvert, but the original QT
files aren't recognized.
To get the job out, I ended up taking the movie I needed through Debab on the
Mac and outputting individual sgi rgb frames.

Anyone know of a better way?  

Any help greatly appreciated.

Dir, 3D Animation
B. Harvey Media



1. transparency works on NT not on SGI irix!!!

I built a glass table by using GL_BLEND.

i.e build_glass()
      (build the glass)

For some reason, this WORKS on NT (VC++) and not on  SGI IRIX.
On the SGI there is no transparency.  The color of the glass is a pure
blue (which is what
I defined it to be, only with a small or zero alpha value) which you
can't see through at all even with an alpha value of zero.

Has anybody ever had this problem working on the SGI machine (02)?


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