Problem with XTrapin on SGI

Problem with XTrapin on SGI

Post by Peng Lu » Thu, 13 Mar 1997 04:00:00

I use xtrapout to record some event on my display:

~>xtrapout -f xrecord -e

then I use xtrapin to playback:

~>xtrapin -f xrecord

The first time is OK, except it replays my 'ls' as 'lls'.  But if I run
the xtrapin again, my keyboard and mouse act strangely.  I have to log
out and login again in order to get them back to normal.

Does anyone know why?  And BTW, does anyone know how to use xscope?

I am using SGI Indy, XTrap 3.2


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Whenever I try to run any of the executables in the BMRT package, I get
the following error:

# ./rgl
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under any of the filenames

...or similar.  I'm running IRIX 6.2, with the latest patchsets installed
on an Indy R5k with 128 MB of RAM.  What am I doing incorrectly?
Identical errors are generated on an older Indigo^2 Extreme also running
IRIX 6.2 (with an older patchset) with 256 MB RAM.

Thanks in advance!

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